Sapporo With Kids: Visiting Moerenuma Park

After our breakfast at Nijo Fish Market and the chairlift at Okurayama Ski Jump, we continued our journey to one huge park in Sapporo which is called Moerenuma Park. Having seen all the pictures on its website, we put this park on our must visit place in Sapporo.

Moerenuma Park was built by sculptor Isamu Noguchi. It was designed based on the concept "the whole being a single sculptor". So that the fountain and the hills inside the park form many geometric shapes in the expansive ground. 

Moerenuma seen from one of the hill

We took bus number 69 to the park from Kanjodori-higashi station (Toho Subway Line). We told the driver that we were going to the Moerenuma Park. And after a long drive to suburban area of Sapporo, the driver with his body language told us to alight. Then he showed us the direction where we should walk to get to the east entrance of Moerenuma Park.

Walking into the gate

When we got there, we fell in love with all the greeneries, and our Kiddos had this huge place for them to run, hike the hill and roll.

Ok Kiddos, the place is yours :)
Kiddos#2 was about to climb 

When I said "roll" they were really rolling! Hahahaha...

How we loved this place!
Never stop rolling:D

I only went up to one hill, while mr.husband explored all the hills. The view from the hill that I went up to was incredible despite the gloomy day we had that day.

Overlooking the park and Sapporo city
A family picture on the hill

We also went to the fountain which had a show later that afternoon.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy your quality time, head to Moerenuma Park. You and your children will love this place :) Do not forget to pack food and water for your picnic time.

Beautiful garden inside the park
The manhole made especially for the park
Going back to Sapporo with the public bus

This post is our last post regarding our family holiday to Hokkaido. Hope you have been enjoying our posts and hope we will have another chance to visit other part of Japan.

Thank you for reading :)

written on December 7, 2017
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