Enjoying The Cloud Forest at Gardens By The Bay

This is my second visit to Cloud Forest, the cool moist conservatory. As you may know, Gardens By The Bay has two conservatories: the Flower Dome and The Cloud Forest. Flower Dome is the one I visited during Tulip Mania Festival 2017. While the Cloud Forest has never been explored thoroughly by myself. On my first visit, I had only limited time, so we didn't go up to the mountain. Wait, is there a mountain inside the conservatory?

Yes, there is an artificial mountain inside! The Cloud Forest features a 35 meter tall mountain covered in lush vegetation, shrouding the world's tallest indoor waterfall. The Cloud Forest is completely different compared to the Flower Dome. But of course both are very beautiful and worth to be visited. Actually I would say if you have boys, they will surely love Cloud Forest because of the hike, the bridges and everything else.

Through this post, let me show you how Cloud Forest looks like. This post will be very heavy with pictures captured by mr.husband :)

The air conditioned conservatory with a stunning view

Where To Buy The Ticket & How Much Doest it Cost?

You can buy the ticket online to beat the queue and if you plan to visit both of the conservatories. It will cost you around SGD28 per adult and SGD15 per children. Or visit this link for the updated ticket price.

My advise is, decide which conservatory you would like to visit. As I wanted to visit only the Cloud Forest, I bought the ticket off line at the ticket counter. They sell separate ticket only to one conservatory, and this could not be found at their online website. The only ticket to Cloud Forest cost me SGD15.

After we got the tickets for me and mr.husband, we headed directly to the entrance.

The ticket counter
The entrance to Cloud Forest

Let's Start With The Waterfall

Once the gate was opened, a huge waterfall welcomed us. Everyone took a picture in front of the waterfall, so we did the same:p

You will get wet by standing close to the waterfall
It is actually very tall

We Found Lego Carnivorous Plants As We Walked Further

After the waterfall we walked further inside to see the plants and everything else. The pathway was so gorgeous, we stopped here and there to take pictures.

Leaving the entrance and the waterfall
Beautiful wood carving between the plants
A closer look

And to our surprise we found plants which were formed of lego bricks. What a wonderful pieces of lego!

Beautiful lego and the real plants
The green one
And the yellow one..
Lego carnivorous plants

And we also met the Rafflesia Flowers formed from lego bricks. What a wonderful lego artwork!

The giant Rafflesia flower
It is from Sumatera, Indonesia :)

Beautiful View from the Bridges Inside Cloud Forest

We took the lift to go to the next levels, and once the lift is opened, we walked to the bridges and the view was fantastic! I wonder why I haven't explored the Cloud Forest so far. 

This place is not to be missed when you are visiting Singapore. You may choose to visit it at night or in the daylight like we did. I bet the view will be very different.

As we walked along the bridge
The view from inside of the waterfall
Isnt' it beautiful? And it is all indoor :)

The bridges do look beautiful from the first level. The design of Cloud Forest is really sophisticated and amazing.

Let's do the "cloud walk"
The artificial mountain and the bridge
What we saw from the ground floor

Last But Not Least, Do Not Forget To Pose On The Bridge

These beautifully designed bridges are indeed very instagrammable, you may take your picture on the bridge or inside the secret garden.

Plan Your Visit

Do not forget to check their maintenance schedule as the Cloud Forest is closed once every month for the maintenance process.

written on June 11, 2017
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  1. Selamat siang sore Mba Tesya

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