Haji Lane & Arab Street Singapore: What To Do, Where To Take Pictures & Where to Stay

You've probably heard so many things about Haji Lane, an artistic street with lovely murals in Singapore. Haji Lane is a small lane in Arab Street area. I always visit Arab Street whenever I go to Singapore, because of Murtabak Zam Zam.

But now there are so many things to do around Arab Street. From buying a halal certified cupcake at Fluff Bakery to having a delicious cup of coffee at ARC. Of course with so many taking pictures opportunity in between :)

This post will be full of pictures, and after reading it, I am sure that you will understand why Haji Lane and Arab Street is my favorite area in Singapore.

This lane will lead us to Haji Lane

Let's Take Pictures at Haji Lane, Lots of Them!

We woke up early, had our breakfast at the hostel and started our walk that morning. Few birds welcomed us as we walked to Arab Street.

Good morning birds :)

There are lots of restaurant and cafes along the small lane. In the morning, all the restaurants and cafe are closed, everyone comes to take pictures. 

Well, I also saw a view of them who were enjoying their morning run.

P.S. Most of the restaurants are opened at 11.00am, so makes sure to come beforehand.

Healthy friendship
What a beautiful mural!
The Indian murals

My fave picture spot is at the Juice Clinic, because of its color.

Considered it : a healthy place to take picture:D

The Juice Clinic is at the opposite of one restaurant called The Mad Sailors selling Fish and Chip. This restaurant also has a mural on the other side of the street. To note: this cafe is certified halal.

I should come back when the restaurant is open
With my anello:D

Just next to the Mad Sailor, you could see one of the unique mural at the Singapura Club. I am amazed by this mural, how all the wrinkles of this old man are beautifully painted.

Don't miss taking picture with this old man

Visit The Beautiful Sultan Mosque

Arab Street as you may know has a very beautiful mosque called Sultan Mosque. We did not go inside on our last visit, but we have been there many times before.

Mr.husband only took the picture of the mosque from a distance. From the below picture, you may see that the lane is very clean :)

The golden dome os Sultan Mosque

Have A Cup or Two at A.R.C. Coffeeshop

Actually we haven't heard about A.R.C Coffee before, we found it when we were walking from the hotel on our first night.

We made a visit after lunch, and we fell in love with A.R.C which stands for Academy Roastery Cafe.

The beautifully designed coffeshop

I had my Flat White while mr.husband orderer their cold brew coffee in a quirky lightbulb bottle!

A perfect coffee after lunch
Actually I wanted to take this lightbulb bottle home :)

Another reason to visit A.R.C is because it has a lovely mural just outside the coffeeshop.

Make sure you put this coffeeshop on your list if you visit Singapore.

So the mural is not only at Haji Lane, but also at A.R.C
Fell on love with this!

Visit a Tokyo Bike at Haji Lane

Mr.husband found a bike shop called Tokyo Bike at Haji Lane which is fortunately still closed hahaha.. 

The bikes are very nice looking, if you are a bike fan like mr.husband, you might want to visit Tokyo Bike.

"Someday you'll be mine" kind of post hahaha...
Could you spot that "sale" sign?:D

Buy Halal Cupcakes at The Fluff Bakery

This was one of the best cupcakes that I have tried so far. Just try it, and you love its fluffy cream, and of course its taste! My fave is their Salted Caramel, which is also their bestseller.

The shop is only this small
These two items are their best seller
It has also a lovely design inside

Another Spot of The Mural: Visit The Lab

Located at the opposite of Fluff Bakery, you could also take pictures at the mural of The Lab. The cafe itself is also worth a visit.

The mural looks so real :)

Where To Stay Around Haji Lane and Arab Street?

We choose to stay at 5 Footway Bugis. The hostel is considered old, it's the first 5 Footway Hostel in Singapore. Our twin room cost around SGD80 for 2 person, including a light breakfast.

It is a walking distance to many touristy area, and about 15 mins walk to Bugis MRT. 

5 Footway Inn Bugis
The reception
They also have this Postcard Service

Let's plan another weekend getaway to Singapore. I advise you to stay around the area of Arab Street and Haji Lane if you are planning to take pictures with the mural. Try to arrive as early as possible to avoid the crowd. Have fun :)


written on June 3, 2017
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  1. hahahah itu ada "yg kepengen beli sepeda" pose banget yah kak :P
    Aku kalo ke sini malah selalu jajan makanan Indonesia yg ada di sebrang pojoknya mesjid sultan, di situ juga ada museum mainan anak2nya lawas kak

    1. Hahahha pose of the year banget ya Mei:D
      Wah ada jajan makanan Indonesia di deket Masjid Sultan? Mesti dicobain ini lain kali..

    2. mirip2 masakan Padang gitu sih kak, tapi ga padang banget *halah* mayan kayak makan pake 2 lauk sama sayur *kalo ga salah inge, 5dollar-6dollar

  2. wah good idea jg ya datang pagi2 kek gitu, jd puas foto2 dan nikmatin mural nya :)

    1. Iya Kak Feb, enak masih sepi. Tapi semua toko juga tutup sih, termasuk selfie coffee nya hehe..

  3. Tiap k singapur, aku jarang jelajah tempat2 gini.. Biasanya cm themepark dan clarke quay. Tp jd pgn ke arc cafe nyaaa :D. Seharian jelajah di sini, kulineran, asyik juga kali yaaa :D

    1. yukk wikkeeenn ke Singapurr yukk Kak Fanny

    2. Iya Fanny, kopi ARC nya enak banget, sampe kita beli biji nya (walau mahal) ke Jakarta. Hehehe..

  4. Another country after Malaysia that I lovee hahaha. Negara pertama di luar negeri yang saya kunjungi. Emang yaa, selalu ada alasan buat ke Singapore lagi. Next trip, harus ke tempat-tempat yang ka tesya sebutin di atas :)

    1. Iya Uchi, emang selalu ada aja yang belum kita lakukan ya di sana hehe..