Sunrise Balloon Hunting in Goreme, Cappadocia

We had spent our four amazing days in the city of Goreme in Cappadocia, and we spent each morning for balloon hunting, and of course our unforgettable balloon ride.

Goreme is a city that comes life at 5 am. You will see vans picking up guests from hotel for the balloon ride, or tourists walking to a sunrise point for the balloon hunting in Cappadocia.

We will share our two amazing morning chasing the balloons. The first morning, we woke up early from our cave room at Kelebek Cave Hotel, and thank God we were not late. The balloons were already up in the sky.

Seeing the balloons from the terrace of Kelebek Cave Hotel

Balloon Hunting from Kelebek Cave Hotel

If you are confuse where to stay in Cappadocia, you could consider staying at Kelebek Cave Hotel as it offers an incredible view. Just go outside your room in the morning, and you will see those balloons.

It was so stunning, especially after the sun rose and made the sky turned into orange. I was speechless.

Isn't it amazing?

We woke our Kiddos up, and right from the balcony of our parents' room, we could see all the balloons from the different side.

This is the view from our parents' balcony
Binoculars works well for the balloon hunting
A smile to remember, seeing all the balloons

Then we walked to the restaurant area of Kelebek Cave Hotel, and all the balloons were still up high in the sky. It was really a view to remember, especially when all these Cappadocia balloons have been staying long in our bucketlist.

We saw other guests of our neighbor hotel were also enjoying the balloons
From the restaurant of our hotel
So I wish you could fly like all those balloons, son

From the top of Sultan Cave hotel, which is located next door, we also saw people taking pictures with all those beautiful carpets.

Taking picture with the balloons as the background

Don't worry if you don't rent cars in Cappadocia, you just have to choose a hotel with a great view like Kelebek Cave Hotel.

One of the Chimney room at Kelebek Cave Hotel, where you could see the balloons right from your door:)

Balloon Hunting From Goreme Sunrise Point

The next morning, using our rented car, we went to the sunrise point which is located 10 minutes away by car from the Kelebek Cave Hotel. There were already many people early in the morning. Our Kiddos were sleeping, so we left them with our parents.

Catching the sunrise
It was for sure one of the most visited place in Goreme 

From the Goreme Sunrise Point, the view to the city center with all those balloons were breathtaking.

With our Fuji XT10

We walked further approaching the ballooons, and stayed there enjoying the balloon all over the sky. This is a place you should go at least once in your lifetime.

Start your morning at the top of Goreme
Could you spot me?
Fairy chimneys and the balloons

And finally, our post wedding picture. Thank you mr.husband for making another travel dream of mine come true. And I will not complaint if mr.husband ask me to re-visit Cappadocia during winter holiday:D

This picture was taken by other tourist, who seems to be a great photographer,
and yes she made a great shot of ours!

I walked back to the other lookout area, and cross my finger to be able to see the balloons landed on the ground.

And yeay we were so lucky! Later on that morning, when the sun already shining and it was getting warm, the balloons were started to land right in front of us. We could saw them up close and personal from the sunrise point!

It was for sure one fine morning in Cappadocia, a morning I will remember forever in my heart.

Thank you again my lovely husband.

The balloons were going to touch the ground

written on November 29, 2016 
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  1. tempatnya kuereeen... balon di mana2 ya mbaaa ^o^... aku kalo kesana mau nginep di situ jg ah...

    1. Iya Fan, di bookmark ya nama hotelnya :)

  2. My god, that looks amazing. I always imagine riding one of those baloons and see the whole beautiful scenery.

  3. Keren banget tempatnya, Mbak :)

    1. Iya Mba Myra.. gratis pula kalau sunrise balloon hunting disini.

  4. itu balon terbangnya berapa jam mba? keren yaa..

    1. Jam 4.30 sibuh kami dijemput Mba dari hotel. Dan ya itu, aku belum tulis aja ceritanya nih (:

  5. Waaa ...keren! Naik balonnya kayaknya asyik juga!

    1. Iya Mba Dyah, udah lama banget ini mimpinya hehe..