Kelebek Cave Hotel Review: The Best Hotel in Cappadocia

Most of the time I am the one who choose our hotel/ hostel/ apartment for our family holiday. But there are times when mr.husband told me to see one hotel and his choice all this time always very special.

Just like when we were doing our research to find accommodation in Cappadocia, mr.husband told me to see Kelebek Cave Hotel. And it was love at the first sight! I didn't see any other hotel, I sent email to the reservation  right away.

Located above the village of Goreme, Kelebek Cave Hotel offers incredible view to the village, valleys, mountains and of course the balloons (in the morning). They have cave or cave stone rooms, even they also have the fairy chimneys rooms. And of course we book one of their fairy chimney room.

One of the fairy chimney room at Kelebek Cave Hotel

The Lobby of Kelebek Cave Hotel

We drove about one hour from Nevsehir Airport (NAV) to Kelebek Cave Hotel. We rented our car from Zest Car Rental at Nevsehir and dropped it off at Kayseri Airport (ASR) on our last day at Cappadocia.

When we arrived at the hotel, we felt as if we were in a different world: the world of fantasy. Every corner was so beautiful :)

The lobby was simple but so lovely.

Our Fairy Chimney Room

We wanted to stay at a cave room, so we choose one of their fairy chimney rooms. We were advised to take their suite room as we will need space for our Kiddos. For Euro105 per night we got a large room (including one extra bed), very unique inside a cave.

P.S Looking the pictures of this room, I really want to go back to Cappadocia -_-

How about the bathroom? Don't worry, though inside a cave it was a luxury one! Not too mention the lovely toiletries!

For our parents, we told the reservation team that we needed a room with easy access. So that our parents didn't have to take so many stairs. We were advised to book room number 17, for Euro105 per night.

It wasn't a fairy chimney room but it was a very special room as it has a balcony overlooking the swimming pool and the Pigeons Valley. What a beautiful view!

And the room has a great bathroom too :)

The Beautiful Swimming Pool

We went there on summer, and we used the pool over and over again. There's always something between our family and the pool:D

The Turkish Breakfast at Kelebek Cave Hotel

The hotel provide two kinds of breakfast: the regular one inside the hotel, and the special one which is called Organic Breakfast Farm. I have posted our special breakfast going to the farm in this link. And I should post a photo also here about how we went down to the farm belongs to Mr.Ali, the owner of Kelebek Cave Hotel.

How about the breakfast at the hotel? It was the best breakfast compared to other hotel that I have stayed so far. The view, the food, and everything! I really miss having breakfast here.

The Morning At Kelebek Cave Hotel

We always enjoy the sky right from the hotel in the morning. Full of balloons, so lovely.

For more pictures, you can read my post regarding our sunrise ballon hunting in Cappadocia.

The Night at Kelebek Cave Hotel

And you know when the night came, it was so romantic around the hotel! Cappadocia is a special place for us, we had been dreaming years to come to this place. That is why we wanted to stay at the best hotel, and we were fortunate to find Kelebek Cave Hotel.

To end our stay at Kelebek Cave Hotel, we dropped a line at their guestbook. And when I posted this, I saw our writing on their web. Aaah thank you for posted it in your online guestbook!

Every word came from my heart:

Now anyone going to Cappadocia, I always recommend to stay at Kelebek Cave Hotel. Just like in the winter of 2017, one of my office mate (Mr.Teguh) went to Cappadocia and stayed there. He thanked me because he found this hotel.

Our stay was AWESOME and I thank everyone at Kelebek Cave Hotel who treated us as their family when we spent our amazing 4 days at their hotel. Thank you again!

Go to their website, book a room, tell them tesya from Indonesia sent you :)

Written on January 12, 2018
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  1. Cappadocia itu emang special banget ya, pengen balik lagi dan lamaan gitu disana hahaha

    1. Iya Kak Feb, ini juga lagi mikir untuk balik lagiiii huhuhu Kemarin ini udah 4 hari loh padahal, tetep ya berasa enggak cukup (:

  2. keren bgt mba Tesya..sukak bgt deh

    1. Iya Mba Fitri, betah banget deh di Kelebek ini :)

  3. so nice
    hopefully one day I'll go there :)

  4. mba tesya makasih yaaa blog nya selalu informatif sering banget ngintipin blog ini sblm pergi2 hehe,
    oh ya mba perlu sim internasional ga ya buat sewa mobilnya?
    sewa nya lewat web apa lsg di airport mba?

  5. mba Tesya ternyata udh nulis ttg sewa mobil di cappadocia ya , hahaa
    mksh mba infonya

    1. Hai Mba..sama sama ya, makasih udah berkunjung ke tesyasblog :)

      Waktu itu kami membuat SIM internasional di Jakarta. Dan kami sewa mobil dari Indonesia, booking via online di Zest Car Rental.

      Have fun di Turkiye yah :)