Harris Hotel Malang

Everytime we travel with kiddos (especially in Indonesia), pool is one of the most important thing to decide which hotel to stay (of course the other important thing is the price:p) Most of the hotels with nice pool are expensive, but finally I found an affordable hotel with great pool in Malang. Yes, it's the newly opened Harris Malang.

lobby area in a Dutch Colonial style

We booked directly to the hotel, and got a corporate rate for the Harris room. Upon check-in, we were upgraded to a Terrace Room, located on the same floor with the lobby. It has a terrace overlooking the garden and the pool. Well, it's proven once more, late check-in means a free upgrade:p We checked-in at 9 pm that night, after spending a whole day in Batu.

morning view from our balcony

Harris hotel is basic everywhere, but the plus point of Harris Malang is, it's brand new, so everything looks white and very clean.

comfy bed at Harris

our free upgraded Terrace Room

The best part as I have mentioned above is the Harris pool. Look at these pictures, and you'll be agree with me.

the hotel, seen from the pool

the pool, seen from the sliding

They also provide a kids club where kiddos enjoyed watching video, coloring and playing blocks at the kids club. In front of it, there's an infant pool. Perfect hotel to stay with kiddos in Malang.

kids club at Harris Malang

Despite how great this hotel is, I had a bad experience with the reservation team of Harris Malang Hotel. A day prior to my departure to Malang, a staff of Harris Malang called me at 8.30 pm to ask for a hotel deposit. I didn't mind at all paying deposit for our room, but they could have asked me long ago and not disturbing my storytelling time with kiddos that night. It was very annoying that at the end I only gave "average" rate of this hotel in my tripadvisor review.

written on June 21, 2013

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  1. Duh, senangnyaaaa.... Moga2 di liburan akhir tahun ini bisa nginep di Harris...

    1. Iya amiin Mbaa....have a great holiday ya :)

  2. Dulu wkt ke Malang, mau nginep di sini, tp sptnya lokasinya agak jauh dari kota ya??

    Tp tempatnya emang enak sih ya, apalagi kl bawa anak2 ...

    Btw, itu kok pake dimintain deposit segala ya? Perasaan dulu nginep di Harris Jimbaran, kagak dimintain semalem sebelumnya deh :-/

    1. Iya enak banget tempatnya, walaupun betul jauh dari kota. Musti sewa mobil or motor memang kalo mau inep sini.

      Nah makanya, apa karena pake harga corporate ya jadinya musti pake DP? Aneh banget deh..