One Fine Day Exploring Singkawang

Singkawang is located 3 hours away from Pontianak by car. Heard and read so many stories regarding Singkawang, especially the Chinese New Year celebration, where tourists are coming to Singkawang to celebrate the festival. I went there not to celebrate Chinese New Year Celebration, however I could feel the Chinese touch around the city.

Patung Naga Singkawang

Let's begin exploring the city from the icon of Singkawang: this "Patung Naga" (statue of dragon) is in the middle of the old town. You've heard the story behind this statue right? So I guess I don't have to write it again in this post.

Patung Naga Singkawang
a glimpse of the city in the morning
 Singkawang's Street Food

We started our day in Singkawang by having breakfast around the temple. We choose having chicken porridge and chicken satay that morning. There were many non-halal food option, but my friends choose the halal one so that we could eat in the same place. Really nice of them:)

many food street available in the morning

breakfast at a narrow lane

Kura-Kura Beach Singkawang

After series of meeting that day, we went to Kura-Kura Beach, a really beautiful beach that reminds me of Honeymoon Bay in Tasmania. Another famous beach in Singkawang is the Pasir Panjang Beach, too bad we didn't have time to visit it.

beautiful sunset at Kura Kura Beach

Temple and Masjid Raya Singkawang

Singkawang is called "the city of thousand temples". After dinner we went to one of the temple, located at the heart of the city. A very beautiful and colorful temple, usually being the central location of Chinese New Year Celebration in Singkawang.

3 minutes away from the temple (by walking), there's Masjid Raya Singkawang. A huge and beautiful mosque in Singkawang. By the way, I noticed that on the way to Singkawang, I found so many mosques and temples. Few of them located just next to each other. Unity in diversity :)

Where to Stay at Singkawang

We stayed one night at Singkawang, and we choose to stay at Dangau Resort as recommended by our friend. Our room rate was IDR 350,000 and we got a huge room, with comfortable beds. No complaints regarding the room, but yes we were disappointed with the pool. It looks like a great pool, but when we saw the water inside, it was really dirty.

the exterior of Dangau Resort
the room and the hotel's lobby
too bad the pool was dirty

It was only a short visit t Singkawang, a small city but rich in the heritage. The city is packed during Chinese New Years festival, "We should have arrived one day prior to the festival, otherwise we could not get into the city" my friend told me. It would be a very different experience if I visit Singkawang during Chinese New Year's celebration. Hope one day we will have that chance.

written on September 24, 2013

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