Honeymoon Bay at the Freycinet National Park

After visiting the Wineglassbay Lookout, we continued our journey exploring the Freycinet National Park by visiting the Honeymoon Bay. We had promised Dhaffin that we would take him swimming after the hiking. There were only three groups of people on the Honeymoon Bay, made this area really perfect for the honeymooners:p This was our very first sight of the Honeymoon Bay:  

I haven't visited this kind of place before, with many huge rocks all around. 

I sat with the kiddos and watched Dhaffin playing in the cold water.

Rene, Arul and Ijul went for a post wedding picture session:p And yeay Rene has captured some beautiful pictures of the place. The Honeymoon Bay is so lovely!

Too bad we didn't visit other beaches in the Freycinet National Park due to time constraint. Hope someday we could stay longer here with our kiddos.

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