Wineglassbay Freycinet National Park

First of all, I have to say it all over again that this place is the reason why I visited Tasmania. And I am glad I did! Sit back and enjoy our experience visiting Wineglassbay at the Freycinet National Park as well as all the pictures:)

We left Launceston at about 8 am on Christmas day and drove straight to Freycinet. We took the route of: Launceston - Campbell Town - Lake Leake - then to Freycinet National Park. We enjoyed beautiful views along the way, yes we enjoyed every second of it:)

Our official first stop was the Oyster Bay Lookout, of course there were some unofficial stop where we stopped to take pictures:p Here's the picture taken from Oyster Bay Lookout.

Approaching the Freycinet at 10.20 am, we saw this rocky mountain. Yeay we're almost there!

Finally we made it to the Visitor Center at 10.30 am (2,5 hours drive from Launceston). We bought the ticket cost per car AUD 24. This ticket is valid for any other National Park in Tasmania except Cradle Mountain. We were given information about the short walks. The most recommended walk of course to go to Wineglassbay Lookout (supposed to be a 2 hours walk return), and they also informed us that we had to pass 200 stairs to go there *phew

Kids corner at the Visitor Center
We went back to our car and displayed our ticket on the dashboard. We drove to the carpark of Wineglass Bay, and hey we saw a wallaby in a wildlife!

Here we go, we started our journey with Arul's family and their kiddos Dhaffin (5yo) and Nasya (2yo)

We had to do a self register before taking the walk. Even on a christmas day the Freycinet National Park was full that day. There's also an overnight walk, look at the man on the left, he should be the one taking the overnight walk. 

We enjoyed the walk as the track was very easy for us (well at least at the start:p)

We couldn't wait to get to Wineglassbay Lookout as we saw this gorgeous view on our way to the top.

But Dhaffin felt the walk was too tiring for him... Arul's family decided to stop for a while and go back to the car park. So only I and Rene continued walking to the top.

And here comes the stairs wohooo..

And after the challenging stairs, we finally made it to the top! I couldn't describe in words how beautiful it was! Ohhh you should come and visit it by yourself, really!

another post wedding picture?:p
After our photo session, we intended to go back to the carpark. Actually we could continue a 30 minutes walk down to the beach. But after that we had to walk back all the way to the top, hmmm.. As we would like to see other beach at the Freycinet, we decided not to go down to the beach. To our surprise we met Arul's family going up with their kiddos! So we went back to the top with them again. We stopped first to take some deep breathe:p Especially for Dhaffin! hehehe..

And finally Arul's family made it to the top as well :) And Arul and Ijul said that it's worth the effort taking their kiddos all the way up:p

Thank you Rene, Arul and Ijul for making another dream of mine come true by going up to the Wineglassbay Lookout! Hmm we should have stayed at the hotels near Freycinet National Park next time..heheh..

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