Tamar River Launceston

On the second day in Launceston, we had some time in the morning before we left for Freycinet National Park. So we woke up early and drove to the area of Tamar River. It was a quiet Christmas Day and it was very cold though the sun was shining.

Arriving at Tamar River area, we parked our car and walked to the river. We arrived at Naval Cadet and Sea Scout area. And the view was really breathtaking.

We saw people canoeing, wished we could join them enjoying the view from the canoe.

Further to our left we found two bridges, the modern one and also the old one. So we tried to take a picture of the old bridge by driving our car closer to the bridge. As a bonus we also found a windmill close to the bridge. Beautiful.

Launceston is a really beautiful old town, and compared with all of the cities we’ve visited in Australia during our aussietrip (i.e Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney), only Launceston which gave us a desire to visit Australia once again someday. We hope there will be another chance.

written on January 2, 2013

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