Review of Mantra Lake Tekapo

Looking for a place to stay at Lake Tekapo was not easy. I couldn't get any accommodation within our budget of NZD120/night when I was looking a room for our one night stay on January 1, 2014 at Lake Tekapo. Actually there's a holiday park at Lake Tekapo, but they requested a min 5 nights stay for our period.

From tripadvisor review, I finally choose a 3 bedroom apartment at Mantra Lake Tekapo. Traveling with other family to New Zealand was an advantage, so that we could share a 3 bedroom unit.

I knew from the time of the booking that Mantra Lake Tekapo was going to be a fabulous place for us, a special place on our last night in New Zealand. But when I arrived at the place, it was more than fabulous! It was home away from home. I mean, someday I dream to have a house like this:p It was awesome!

The apartments at Mantra Lake Tekapo

And this was our unit, with a garage to park our cars.

Our Kiddos were so happy at this apartment

On the first floor, we had a living room and a fully equipped kitchen. A kitchen that I have been always dreaming of. And they also provide beautiful dinner table, cozy sofa and an artificial fireplace. It was not really a fireplace, it was actually a heater, but it succeeded giving a romantic touch to the room. Even with three kiddos around, we could still feel how romantic this place was:p

My dream kitchen back there

Emir and our Kiddos at the living room

On the second floor, we had three rooms: two main bedrooms and one room for children. All of the rooms had balcony. Great!

The main bedroom
The child's room

There were a separate shower and bathtub in the bathroom. Kiddos couldn't swim at the swimming pool because it was too cold, so they were happy to take a dip in the bathtub:D

We also had a direct access to the backyard, with a table to have dinner or BBQ outside. Too bad we didn't prepare anything to have a BBQ party.

What a lovely setting
We could walk from the garden at the backyard to the Church of The Good Shepherd

For this luxurious apartment (well, compared to other motels we stayed during our holiday in NZ, it was really a luxury for us:p), we paid NZD 386. So each family paid NZD 193 for our one night stay. After staying there one night, I must say that the price was really worth it.

This place is highly recommended when you're traveling with family to Lake Tekapo New Zealand.

written on March 5, 2013 by @tesyasblog

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