What To Do if You Have One Day Transit In Melbourne

After our 8 days holiday in New Zealand, we had to transit in Melbourne before flying back with Air Asia (Melbourne to Jakarta via Kuala Lumpur). We intended to visit Melbourne Zoo, and stayed in Ibis on Therry St. which is located near the zoo. During school holiday, zoo ticket is free for children. We only had to buy adult ticket which cost AUD 30 p.p.

We walked from Ibis to the tram station. We were waiting for the free circle tram in Melbourne when we met a family from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. "What is your plan today with your kids?" the mother asked me. "We'd like to go to the zoo. How about you?" She answered "We're planning to visit Melbourne Museum" Then the City Circle tram (free tourist tram), both of our families stepped into the tram.

Kiddos were happy to see the tram

Inside the free tourist tram, there were brochures of Melbourne's tourist destinations. One of the brochure was the Melbourne Museum. Kiddos#1 picked it up and said "I'd like to see the dino". The brochure of Melbourne museum has a giant dino picture on its cover. I picked up the brochure and check the ticket price. Oh yeah, most important thing:D 

It cost only AUD 10 per adult, and free for children. Yeay! I answered, "Ok, let's go to Melbourne Museum, and visit the zoo later" I thought we would only spend few hours in the museum. We alighted from the tram near Melbourne Museum and walked through a beautiful garden and the Royal Exhibition Building.

Kiddos with the tap water
Beautiful Royal Exhibition Building

Melbourne Museum

Finally we arrived at the museum, purchased the ticket and went directly to the dinosaurs area which is called The Dinosaurs Walk. Kiddos were very excited visiting this place. They were amazed with the huge skeletons of the dinosaurs.

We went to the second floor and found many dead animals inside the museum. It was at the "Wild Amazing Animals in a Changing World" section.

Approaching lunch, we bought sandwiches at the cafe and proceed to the children's gallery and spent an hour there. We loved it! We started at the outdoor area while having our lunch.

Enjoying outdoor area of Children's Gallery

We went inside and first of all kiddos enjoyed playing blocks at one of the corner. Oh great, we could watch them from a comfortable sofa:p

We also went inside the gallery, where we found many educative toys and exhibition of plant and animals. Kiddos loved to place their hands on the interactive wall which will form their hand shape and disappeared when they took off their hands from the wall.

"Look at my hand"

I asked kiddos, "Do you still want to go to the zoo?" They said no. Ok, so we continued exploring the museum. We went to the other side of the museum and found a playground, a huge one! Well, we spent another hour there.

Wow, a playground at the museum!

When it comes to study the plant, Melbourne Museum has a beautiful artificial forest with many plants inside. The Melbourne Museum is amazing! Really recommended if you are looking for activities to do in Melbourne with kids.

And a forest at the museum!

By the way, we still spent another hour playing lego at the museum. There was an exhibition of lego where we could take part in making a painting from lego. After finishing our little part, we could give it to the lady and she will put it as a part of the painting (based on numbers).

Kiddos#1 helped the lady finding the numbers

We spent hours at the museum and it wasn't enough. We would love to come back! You should visit Melbourne Museum if you are planning a visit to Melbourne, with or without kids.

Christmas Windows at the Myers

At 6 pm after kiddos taking their nap, we went to the Bourke Street. The Christmas ornament in Bourke Street was about the same compared to the previous year. Read our story here.

The Bourke Street

But the highlight was of course the Melbourne Myer Christmas Window. It was something kiddos really loved. And so did I. Each window has different scene but it was linked one another. The story was about a lonely Ginger Bread who was looking for his friends.

Do you see the ginger bread?
Great christmas window

St. Kilda Beach

Actually I wanted to visit the cake shops at St.Kilda, that's why we made a trip to St.Kilda with our kiddos. But it was cold, so after enjoying the beach, we went back to our hotel by tram.

St.Kilda beach with its cloudy sunset
Having fun on a cold beach

Our one day visit in Melbourne ended at around 10 pm. We reached Flinders Station and tried to take picture in a very crowded station that night. We had a great time exploring Melbourne during our one day transit. Having said that, we still have Melbourne Zoo in our travel bucketlist :)

In front of Flinders Station

written on March 22, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Sedari kecil, anak2 mesti di kenalkan museum untuk belajar. Jangan kayak gw, paling alergi ke museum, bawaan nya bete hahaha

    1. Bener banget Kak Cumi, tapi kalo museum kaya gini sih emang bikin betah:)

  2. aku juga anakk museum kak, betah bener lama-lama di museum temen-temen gue udah pegel n males nungguin hahahahah

    1. Aku belum pernah ajak kiddos ke museum di Jakarta Mei, ayo donk ajakin kami Mei hehehe..

  3. wah keren asik. Pengen juga. salam kenal dari OpensTrip

    1. Terimakasih sudah mampir, salam kenal juga ya.

  4. kak, masukkin tambahan gadget 'share' dong di blog nya, jd kl mau share lgs bisa nge link ke mention kak tesya di Twitter :)

    1. Okei Kak Feb notes, thanks buat feedbacknya :)

  5. Kita juga ke Melbourne akhir 2013.... Melbourne museum emang keren, kita 2 hari berturut2 ke sana, soalnya anak2 sukaaa banget....

    1. Wah bareng donk waktu itu kita aa di Melbourne ya :)

      Sydney juga keren Kak.

    2. Wah bareng donk waktu itu kita aa di Melbourne ya :)

      Sydney juga keren Kak.

  6. Baru pulang jg nih dari Melbourne n Sydney, suka dg kedua kotanya... victoria market enak jg untuk dikunjungi dg pengamen2 nya sambil hunting oleh2... hehe..!

    1. Hi Om Joel, salam kenal ya..
      Asyik banget baru pulang liburan. Next time ke Perth juga Om, aku sih sukaaa:)