Things to See & Do Around Johor Bahru's Downtown

When I planned our mommies day out trip to Johor Bahru, I was not quite sure what I could do and see around the hotels we stayed in Kotaraya Johor Bahru or Johor Bahru's Downtown. Two things I knew were JB Sentral and the City Square Mall. After spending two days there, I saw many interesting places around Kotaraya Johor Bahru. So are you ready to see bunch of pictures in this post?
nice lighting of JB Sentral

JB Sentral & City Square Mall

JB Sentral is the central transportation hub of JB. Here we could find buses going to Johor Premium Outlet, Legoland, and many places in Johor Bahru or even the busses to KL and Singapore. JB Sentral is at the opposite of City Square Mall, and next to a railway station.

Plaza Seni

Plaza Seni located only 2 minutes away from Citrus Hotel. I went inside at around 6 pm, but most of the shops were closed. So we enjoyed the market outside Plaza Seni, and bought some magnet souvenirs each cost RM 5. There are many food stalls around Plaza Seni as well.

Hindu Temple

We walked further from Plaza Seni heading to Galleria Kotaraya. We saw this Galleria, and mommies were always looking for a shopping place:p 

Then we saw a beautiful Hindu Temple few meters away before the Galleria.

the temple and the galleria
the temple and the modern building
the temple and the mommies:p

Just next to the temple, there are stalls selling the flower to be used in performing the prayer inside the temple. 

And we spotted a shop named Madura located on Jalan Trus. Wow Madura is famous here I guess:p

Galleria @ Kotaraya

This is our fave mall in Johor Bahru as it sells beautiful and cheap Hijab. should visit this mall! There are also many halal cafes and restaurants inside the mall. 

inside Galleria
Galleria is for Hijab lovers

Try the Signature Crepes inside Galleria, it was so good and cheap.

lovely corner at Signature Crepes
it was this big!

Sultan Ibrahim Building

We didn't visit the place which is located at Bukit Timbalan, but I took picture of Sultan Ibrahim Building from Galleria. This British Colonial building is the former state secretariat building of Johor.

Food Paradise at Meldrum Walk

After visiting all the places that night, we went back to Citrus Hotel and passing through the Meldrum Walk. This food paradise located around Citrus Hotel. It provides many halal food at affordable price.

Hotels around Kotaraya Johor Bahru

There are some hotels we spotted during our walk in Johor Bahru downtown.

Do you see The Puteri Pacific Johor Bahru at the back? 

Downtown of Johor Bahru is for sure a lively area with so many happening places. If you wish to stay around Kotaraya Johor Bahru, I hope this post will give you the idea of how the area looks like.

written on October 12, 2013 by @tesyasblog

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  1. *CTRL + D* masukan buat next trip ke JB lagi, tahun depan bareng orang tua, mau ga mau musti ada wisata belanjanya, thank you kak tesya infonyaa

    1. Sip Mei...thank you udah mampir di post ini, nanti stay deket JB Sentral aja Mei, it was so handy.

  2. I've been here several times... Similar to Indonesia, but the street food is quite cheap... I didnt stay for too long, but planning to schedule a trip back there... THanks for the post, brings back memories...

    1. Thanks Aliya for stoppin by. We'd love to go back for the legoland trip :)

  3. I am visiting JB first time next week, photos are helpful givimg me some ideas of city. I am not brrave enough to go out in evening but will taste local Malaysian food at malls. Hope i can buy frehs local fruits at malls as well.

    1. Thanks Min visiting our blog. If you are staying at JB downtown, you can just exit your hotel and find those fruit sellers on the street. Enjoy JB:)

  4. Planning to take kiddos to Johor then visit Legoland, but pak bos hesitate about the weather. Cuacanya gmn Teh, panas/gersang nteu?

    1. Hai neesha...iya panas macam di Jakarta. Bedanya di Jakarta jam 12 siang kita ga keluar main-main, melainkan ngadem di rumah. Nah di Legoland kita jam 10 pagi mulai panas2an hehehe..

    2. Hai neesha...iya panas macam di Jakarta. Bedanya di Jakarta jam 12 siang kita ga keluar main-main, melainkan ngadem di rumah. Nah di Legoland kita jam 10 pagi mulai panas2an hehehe..

  5. I have several posts on JB tourist sites (and restaurants) in JB the glass temple is downtown but a little out of the way so most people don't find it, but it is a nice place to visit

    1. Hi John, thanks for visiting tesyasblog. Wow, so you live in JB? What a great blog you have.
      I have only visited few places in JB, hope to be able to go back soon:)

  6. Hai. Mau tanya dong, kalo di sana mau naik bus gampang gak kayak di Singapore? thank before :)

    1. Hai Sofia, untuk bus turis gitu seperti LM1, JPO1 dan JPO2 gampang nyarinya. Nah kalau bus penduduk, susah enggak seperti di Singapur.

      Tapi alternatif naik taksi juga ga mahal kok, asalkan taksi warna merah ya.