Simcard for Prepaid Phone and Internet Data in Australia

Upon arrival at Flinders Station, we went directly to Vodafone outlets located just opposite the station. We asked the guy what are the alternatives for prepaid simcards for phone and internet data plan. The guy showed us a list of alternatives (you may see it in the below picture). 

We choose the first row => package of AUD 30 + AUD 2 (cost of the card), which includes phone calls up to AUD 450, free sms, 500 MB data and unlimited social media. Vodafone also provide micro sim card for internet in Australia (that would be for my Samsung S3), but I told rene that we wouldn’t need two simcards.

Based on our experience, we are satisfied with the performance of our vodafone. Of course there are some other telco operators, we bought vodafone as its outlet was the closest to the train station when we first arrived in Melbourne. You may compare the above table with rates offered by other telco companies, and find the one that best suit your need.

written on December 26, 2012 by @tesyasblog

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