10 hours Exploring Kuching

When we planned our weekend getaway to Kuching, many of our friends said that it's only a small city and that we may not find interesting things there. But I and my friends were stick on our plan to visit Kuching, and glad we did. I must say somehow the city of Kuching has stolen my heart. 

colorful cats in Kuching

Our first visit was the Kuching Museum, which visited by using a Toyota Innova taxi for the five of us from the Waterfront area. It cost RM 80, for a return fare.  We expected to see the real cats in the museum, but we didn't find any cats there. I found the museum a bit boring (but it is free), we spent most of our time in the souvenir shops (inside the museum) instead:p

this huge cats welcome us

we could only find this kind of "kucing" at the museum

After visiting the museum, we went to the waterfront area. I am a river lover (the clean one), and I really enjoyed this area. There are many food stalls and cafes, as well as sitting areas. This place will be crowded at night, but as we visited during lunch time, there were not many people around.

beautiful and clean river
one of the sitting areas at the Waterfront

On the opposite, there's the Astana (palace) and also the parliament building. we could use a public boat to have a traditional river cruise, but we didn't try it, we booked a sunset cruise instead.

lovely Astana of Kuching
the Parliament Building of Kuching

If you are looking for a souvenir shop, you could enter the Kuching Waterfront Bazaar, which reminds me to the Pasar Seni in KL. If you couldn't find what you are looking for inside the Bazaar, you can cross the road and you will find so many souvenir shops there. You could also find a souvenir shop at Plaza Merdeka.

a touristy area to shop
it's all about Kuching

We booked a 20 RM sunset cruise from a tour provider at the waterfront. Too bad, approaching sunset rain came and made the area looks so gloomy. We got our money back, but still I was sad that the cruise was cancelled. 

our gloomy sunset that day

Kuching is a lovely city to visit. Compared to our holiday in Langkawi, I would prefer visiting Kuching. Maybe I should come back for the golden sunset moment in Kuching. Emmm, and to find a real cat in Kuching, because I couldn't find any during this, visit except this cats statue:D

and there are still other cats statues in the city

written on July 13, 2013

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