Hard Rock Hotel Bali: The Greatest Family Hotel

We ended our school holiday in Bali, by staying a night in Hard Rock after staying at Kuta Central Park for the previous three nights. This was our third time staying at Hard Rock Hotel Bali, this hotel has stolen our heart so we keep on coming back. Glad that we could take our parents and our kiddos staying at Hard Rock this time, even though only one night, we had such a great time.

A hard rockin' key room

We came at 12.30 pm to the hotel, the check in was fast and enjoyable. A personal touch surprised us upon check in, Rendra from Multimedia Division greeted us at the lobby! We have asked our booking confirmation via their twitter account, and surprisingly, they recorded our date of arrival. We also got a goodie bag with a Hard Rock t-shirt inside. What a hard rockin' welcome!

We could not get our room yet, so we went to their amazing pool, and stayed at their Cabana. We rented a cabana for IDR 180,000 using a voucher discount we got upon arrival. By the way, this price is considered cheap than renting cabana in The Jungle Bogor:p

The cabana
Enjoying lunch in the cabana

We spent the whole day at their pool, even until we got our room at 3 pm, we still stayed at our cabana. Kiddos#2 had his nap at the cabana. Who wouldn't stay long in this lovely pool?

Beautiful pool of Hard Rock
Pool with cabanas

Kiddos#1 enjoyed the sliding so much, he tried it over and over again. While kiddos#2 was still afraid to try the slide.

"Extremely killer!" said kiddos#1
Enjoying his swimming session so much

There's also a kids pool, but kiddos didn't enjoy it that much, they preferred playing in the sands pool.

The kids pool
Kiddos' fave spot 

The Hard Rock crews invited kiddos to join the splash competition. It was so fun, especially when it turned out to be an adult splash competition as well.

Splash competition for kids
Splash competition for adults

Approaching sunset, we went to our rooms. We were upgraded to a deluxe garden room, with a direct access to the garden with a kids playground:)

Huge and comfortable bed & pillows
Day bed in every room
Spacious bathroom

With a help of wego, we found the cheapest rate for our room. It was a peak season (school holiday period), our room rate was IDR 1,250,000 nett including breakfast. 

The next morning we enjoyed our breakfast at the restaurant. I must say that their breakfast menu is improved a lot compared with our last visit. But of course kiddos keep asking me to continue their swimming session that morning, as the view from the restaurant is directly to the pool. So after having the roti pratha, I went to the pool with kiddos, while rene and our parents still enjoying the hard rockin' breakfast.

A cup of coffee to start our day
Now they even have this roti pratha

Too bad we had to catch our midday flight that day. We left Hard Rock at 11.30 am and took a cab to the airport. Wished we could spend more nights in Hard Rock, trust me one night is not enough.

written on August 13, 2013 by @tesyasblog

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