Hard Rock Hotel Bali

So this is one of the outstanding stories from our travel experience, our 2 nights stay at Hard Rock Hotel Bali back in Sept 2009. Why on earth I postponed to write this review for more than a year!! Anyway, we love this hotel so much. The room rates back then was IDR 1,050,000 nett per night, best rate they offered to us. We went there only with our kiddos#1, while kiddos#2 stayed at Bandung. So we have a reason to stay at this hotel again someday for our kiddos#2:)

Kiddos#1 enjoyed the hotel's surrounding a lot, just like we did.

Let's see how our superior room looks like. It is huge and also the bathroom. It has also a side bad that could be used for sleeping as well. Of course kiddos#1 loved his bathroom where he could continue swimming inside.

We had one day that we only stayed at the hotel to enjoy all the benefits: playground, the park, the pools. 

Speaking about their pools, this is the best hotel with the best pool that I have ever visited so far. It has so many pools! For our kiddos#1 who doesn't like beach because of the wave, this pool offered him clean sands where he could play with his toys.

So overall, we really enjoyed staying at this hotel. Except one thing, to reach this hotel, we had to pass bali traffic at Kuta area. So you have to know the time when the traffic is not that bad to go out and also to go back to his hotel. By the way, we also didn't like the breakfast. The taste is just so so.

For us now it's so straight forward where to stay in Bali: either Hard Rock or budget hotels like Tune Legian:D

written on October 25, 2010

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