Enjoying Food in Padang : From Breakfast to Dinner

Finally I got the chance to visit Padang in West Sumatera after canceling my airplane tickets two times. The first was when I got a promo ticket from Air Asia  when they opened their new route to Padang. I didn't go because I couldn't take leave. The second time was 2 years ago, I was planned to go to Padang for a visit from my office, but my kiddos#2 was sick so I cancelled going there. The third time I got my name on a ticket going to Padang, I succeeded visiting the city :)

Breakfast at Warung Kopi NanYo

My day in Padang started with a stop at Warung Kopi NanYo. There are many warung kopi (coffee shop) on the street around the Chinatown area of Padang, but my friends told me it was one of the best. Basically all those warung kopi only provide drinks, while the food are served by all the carts outside the warungs. I ordered Sate Padang from the red yellow cart parked in front of NanYo.

The sate padang was average, but the coffee was special. My friend ordered fried noodle for another cart, and they liked it. Maybe I should order the chicken porridge next time I visit NanYo.

A Big Lunch at Sari Raso

At lunch time I finally eat Padangnese food in Padang! We ate at Sari Raso restaurant which is famous for its crunchy fried chicken. Not only the fried chicken that taste good, bit all the food served on the table taste excellent.  

look at those tempting "jengkol":D
delicious rendang 
sambal ijo on the top of the fish
Seafood at Apollo

Actually we were still full when our friends offered us to have a seafood dinner at Apollo Restaurant. They said it was the time to try Es Durian which is located near the restaurant. So a huge cup of es durian was our starter that evening! Oh my goodness..

must have for durian lovers

Apollo has the best crab in town, and for me it was my first time ever eating Crab in Padangnese Sauce at its hometown:p

Kepiting Saos Padang

Again we ordered lots and lots of food for our dinner, and I still got two more days in Padang since my dinner at Apollo:D

Kripik Balado Shirley

Before going back to Mercure Hotel, we stopped by at Kripik Balado Shirley and bought some packs to be taken home. Their new taste of Kripik Balado was the durian taste! 

My first visit to Padang filled with a full day of food adventure:) How I wish I could visit the beaches around Padang, but I am sure there will be another time. I love the city, hope someday I will have the chance to come back visiting Padang.

written on November 25, 2013 by @tesyasblog

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