Staying at The Hills Bukittinggi

When I was looking for a hotel for a business trip in Bukttinggi, The Hills was on the top of my list, but still I checked through tripadvisor if there's any other recommended hotels. Grand Rocky Hotel was also recommended but I decided to book The Hills as it was closer to the center of the city. This hotel has an eye catching look from outside, and yes it was only 5 minutes away by foot from the famous Jam Gadang.

Welcome to The Hills

The interior of the hotel was really unique, somehow it gave me a spooky feeling inside the hotel.

The hotel's lobby

There's also a cafe with mount Singgalang view near the lobby area.

Too bad the room was disappointing with very old furniture. The room really needs a make over. 

I didn't get a room with the mountain view, so on the next morning I went to the highest floor and enjoy a great view from the windows around the elevator. While the top left picture was taken from the lobby of the hotel, overlooking the hotel's entrance.

Mount Singgalang in the morning

The breakfast area adjacent to the garden was also very interesting. I had only fruit for my breakfast, I was still full with all the food I ate in Padang on the previous day:p So I couldn't comment on how the breakfast was.

The garden is located between the hotel and the swimming pool. Too bad it was raining in the morning, I had to skip a swimming session in their great pool.

Despite of the room condition, I like this hotel so much. The interior fits with the magical Bukittinggi. And now I call this hotel "my castle" in Bukittinggi.

written on December 7, 2013 by @tesyasblog

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  1. ih gini ya daleman hotelnya, kmrn cuma melipir di lobinya aja wakkakakka

    1. Iya Kak Danan, asik dalemnya hotel ini kecuali kamarnya sih..

  2. Nuansa restoran nya JUARA banget, eh perasaan kmrn aku dah comment yaaa ternyata ngak masuk :-)

    1. Haaah..emang comment apa sampe disangka spam?:D Pengen balik lagi Kak, dan berenang di The Hills.

  3. Ouuoo so this what The Hills looks like from the inside ... It has a great view! :-)

    I had coffee at Kopi Aceh Baroena near the hotel! :-)

    1. Wow, I should try the coffee on my next visit then. Thanks for the info :)