Zangrandi Ice Cream Surabaya

We picked our fave spot in Surabaya to have ice cream after exploring food in Madura. Yes it was the famous ice cream Zangrandi located just beside Garden Palace Hotel Surabaya.

We love the old feel of Zangrandi, the old chairs, and of course the ice cream. The taste remind us to Rasa Ice Cream in my hometown Bandung. Both sold ice cream with old recipe.

what's your favorite?

We sat down in one corner and enjoyed the ambiance of the cafe that late Saturday afternoon. Yup many people come here not only for the ice cream, but also for the nostalgic feel.

Other than ice cream, we also ordered Zangrandi's croquette. A delicious croquette made from potato with minced beef inside. Yumm!

I ordered pink lady while Rene ordered an ice blended drink called Lovely Shake. It came with a "love" handle mug. This Lovely Shake of Zangrandi is very delicious!

Please be aware to park your car when you visit Zangrandi. We Parked our car at Garden Palace Hotel, and had to pay IDR 20,000 because we were not staying there. It was a tourist trap! We didn't notice the sign when we parked our car. The parking fee was even more expensive than the ice cream:p

written on November 7, 2013 by @tesyasblog

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  1. will try this while visiting surabaya soon ;)

  2. Cobain Lovely Shake nya ya..enak banget Kak!

  3. Dulu di gresik juga ada ice cream zangrandi tapi karena sepi akhir nya tutup. Di sby tempat ini ngetop banget, tapi kok aku kurang sreg ama taste nya hehehe, kalo gw pilih baskin robin aja hahaha

    1. Berarti dirimu pemuda masa kini Kak, sukanya ice cream dengan rasa yang baru hahaha :)