Missing Holland So Much

Back in 1997 to 1998, I spent a year of my High School in a city called Eindhoven in the southern part of the Netherlands. Yeah..soccer fans must know PSV Eindhoven, a soccer club supported by Philips.  I was staying in a sub-urban area called Waalre and had to ride my bicycle to St.Joris College located in the southern part of Eindhoven.

I participated Rotary International student exchange program, stayed with 4 Dutch families (1 family every quarter), mingled with local people, traveling around the country, including taking picture in Volendam and skating on a frozen sea. I had a chance to travel around Europe with other 60 students from all over the world who were also staying a year in Holland with the exchange student program.

I always wanted to see the world since I was a kid, and going abroad by getting scholarship was the way to make my dream to see the world come true. My father kept telling me to get as many opportunities to see the world by getting scholarships.

I still keep in touch with my host families and friends, thanks to Facebook:) Now 16 years has past, and I haven't got any chance to visit The Netherlands with Rene and kiddos.

At the moment I am trying to get a KLM promo ticket from Soekarno Hatta Airport to Schiphol. It is now getting easier to search and book ticket from KLM using their mobile application. I need a reliable airline for my upcoming Europe trip, and the mobile application is very important to monitor any changes of our flight, and also to do the mobile check-in while we are traveling. I've had enough bad experience with the change of my flight schedule from Sydney to Denpasar that I had to buy another tickets for two person which cost me 2.084 AUD! Booking an airline without any mobile check-in facility was way too risky.

Recently KLM launched a crowdsourcing challenge in Asia, in which they asked video creative creative to communicate the wide variety of mobile and online services it offers. KLM received many creative and out-of-the -box ideas. The contestants didn't only deliver these ideas, they actually made the videos themselves. This resulted in some very funny videos, all communicating that one important message: with KLM, you can take full control of your trip with your mobile.

One of the creative video you may see in the link below. 

written on December 7, 2013 by @tesyasblog

This post is sponsored by KLM, but the story is mine, and yes I miss Holland so much! I hope I can go back to the Netherlands very soon with KLM.


  1. Berangkat....

  2. Aahhh some old photos of u ;-)

    1. Hahahha yes Oom Timot, the very old one:p

  3. Dulu pingin banget ikut student exchange...sayang ga lolos :)

    1. Iya Mba aku juga dulu pas test deg2an. Awalnya dapet Brazil, sempet enggak boleh sama ortu kalau ke Brazil. Nah terus switch ke Belanda deh. Sekarang aku pengen Kiddos punya kesempatan exchange student juga, semoga aja bisa:)


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