Baso Simponi Jalan Progo Bandung

If you go to Bandung and confuse what to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner, just head to Jalan Progo. It used to be famous because Jonas Photo is located there, but now the street is packed with cute restaurants. You can find Japanese, western to Indonesian food on Jalan Progo.

We were looking a restaurant for our brunch on Sunday, and decided to try the newly opened Baso Simponi on Jalan Progo. We parked our car in their small restaurant which has a Honda CB in front of it. From outside it doesn't look like "a warung" that serve noodle and meatballs, instead it looks like a very nice place to hang out with your friends.

The exterior look of Baso Simponi

Mie Baso is the name for local Bandung's noodle (yup it is written without "k" in Bandung, not "bakso"). When you order Mie Baso, you will get your noodle with the soup, but if you want them to be served separately, than order Yamin Baso.

We ordered Yamin Baso Cicadas ("cicadas"=cincang pedas, spicy one) for IDR 26,000, and the taste was just perfect. It reminds me of the homemade Yamin Baso which I used to have years ago in Bandung. The "baso" taste was original. Love it!

Yamin Baso with the cute icon of Baso Simponi
We ordered the original Yamin Baso
without the ketchup
What you'll get inside your baso

The side dish were also very yummy, Baso Ikan Tenggiri and the Pangsit. It's a must try when you eat at Baso Simponi.

This was my favorite

Beside the food, I like the interior as well. Though small, the ambiance of the resto was very relaxing and full of music:D Only one thing to note, when our Kiddos ask the waiter their fave song, "Do you have Sugar Maroon 5?". They didn't have it on their play list:p

Let's hang out here when you visit Bandung

Baso Simponi shared place with a resto called "Ngorea" which served Korean Food. We didn't try their Korean food, maybe next time. Yes we will be back to this place. 

written on April 26, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Ish cucok ... penampakan tempat nya nyaman banget :-)

    1. Besok2 kalo ke Bandung ketemuan sini ya Oom Cumi.

  2. tempatnya ganyangka itu tempat makan bakso .. hahahaha :D .. tapi baksonya ..ada ga yang ga terlalu sebesar itu ? ngeri :D

    1. Hehehe ada kok bakso yang kecilnya, dan yang itu efek zoom aja, aslinya enggak gede-gede amat hehe:)

  3. baksoonya maakkk .. ngileerrrrr .. yummyyyyyy .. nyam nyam nyam nyam

  4. Dan ada yg membuat saya lapar kali ini, maknyus banget baksonya

    1. Hahaha maap membuat lapar, ayo cuss ke sana aja deh cobain Kak.

  5. kyknya aku slalu sial kalo ke bandung... jrg nemu tempat makan enak mba... -__-.. Yg kata temen2 uenak bgt, kyk steak carnivore, pas aku dtgin, trnyata biasa bgt. makan di sierra, ama temen2 kantor, suasana sih yahud bgt, tp rasa lagi2 so-so..masih bnyk lg deh yg bgitu tiap makan di bdg.

    makanya aku rada pesimis nemu makanan enak kalo ke bdg..

    Bakso yg ini blm prnh coba sih... dr penampakan kyknya emg enak bgt ;) Mungkin next k bdg, boleh lah aku cobain... secara mba lbh kenal bdg dr aku :D

    1. Hahaha iya emang banyak tempat makan di Bandung yang kaya gitu Fan, keren aja gitu tempatnya.
      Baso yang ini wajib dicoba Fan, apalagi Baso Ikan Tenggiri nya itu, hmmm enak!


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