Armor Kopi Bandung : A Coffee Shop Inside a Forest

Planning another weekend getaway in Bandung, and wondering what's another place that is "must visit" in Bandung? One of the most famous and most "instagramable" place is probably this coffee shop inside a forest in Dago Area (Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda), called Armor Kopi Bandung.

I've heard about Armor Kopi Bandung so many times, but as it was too far away from my house in Bandung. I postponed my visit until last weekend, when we had a chance to stay at Padma Hotel Bandung. Waiting for our check-in time, we stopped first at Armor Kopi Bandung.

Armor Kopi opened at 8 am on Saturday, so it was perfect for morning people like us, who usually arrive in Bandung at 7.30 whenever we spend a weekend in Bandung. A fresh air and greenery welcomed us as we stepped into Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda. Entrance fee was IDR 10,000 per person and IDR 14,000 for the car, which was paid at the entrance gate of Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda. 

A perfect place to start your weekend in Bandung

We waited for a while until the staffs were ready to collect the orders. By the way, everyone had to order and paid at the cashier. Our Kiddos waited at the sitting area they had chosen, the one near the lake. While I and mr.husband ordered our food and drink.

Our order was three glasses of Green Tea (for me and Kiddos) and a coffee for mr.husband. We also ordered Sundanese snack called "Fried Cireng" (I really don't know how to translate it in English:p) and banana fritters. In total, our bill was IDR 105,000.

The artistic wooden coffee shop which will make you feel at home 

"What kind of coffee would you like?" the staff asked mr.husband. Armor Kopi Bandung provide many kind of Indonesian coffee that you may choose. You will also be asked which coffee process would you prefer.

Mr.husband choose Java Ijen coffee and it cost IDR 20,000 per cup, and he request the coffee to be manually brewed by V60.

The arrays of coffee 
Select the coffee brewing method

Where is the best place to sit at Armor Kopi Bandung? The tables at the balcony was my fave. You will have a great view from the balcony. However, our Kiddos request to sit in their secret place, down under the cafe.

The balcony area at Armor Kopi

We sat at the only table available that morning near the lake. There was no one except the four of us. And Kiddos had their own space to play near our table. Trust me, if you have kids, just let them to choose where to sit. It will keep them in the good mood, and you can enjoy your coffee or tea peacefully:D 

Enjoying our morning
The view from our table

How about the drink and food we ordered? Mr.husband said the coffee taste awesome!

The Ijen Coffee

And what about my Green Tea? Well, I might say I prefer drinking Ocha (Japanese Green Tea) at home which I brought from Tokyo. Next time, I think I should order coffee, instead of the tea.

Our tea, one small pitcher cost IDR 15,000

We love the snacks at Armor Kopi, our "cireng" cost IDR 30,000 and the portion was big! The banana fritters was IDR 15,000, and it was really yummy!

I loved the banana fritters at Armor Kopi! 
Do not forget to order their "Cireng"

Armor Kopi Bandung is a place to go if you want to sit and relax enjoying your coffee and light meals in the middle of greenery. The fresh and cold Bandung's air in the morning was a perfect match to the hot coffee, hot tea, hot cireng and also hot banana fritters, we had ordered.

We are planning for our second visit shortly. Yes, we love this place!

Armor Kopi Bandung
Adress: THR Djuanda Dago Pakar
IG: @armorkopi.bdg
Opening hours: 
- Weekday 09.00-21.00
- Weekend 08.00-21.00

written on March 16, 2016 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Gw lebih suka makan nasi cikur Inul di Tahura..dkt kok dari armor..hahaha selera eke emang agak kamfung klo makanan minuman

    1. Ohhh aku juga liat itu dari parkiran, tapi enggak tau kalo itu enak. Baeklah, next-nya setelah ngopi makan nasi cikur kalau begitu hahaha..

    2. nasi cikur enaaaak mbak ;).. aku nyobainnya waktu itu di sukabumi tapi ;p... eh tp kalo ada cafe kece begini di hitan, ya aku pasti trtarik juga utk nyoba :D... walopun ga ngerti samasekali ttg jenis2 kopi apalagi cara nyeduhnya :D.. yg ptg, kental dan manis :D

    3. Hahaha, kalau mr.husband cita2nya jadi barista Fan, jadi dia sih suka banget cafe hopping di Bandung.

      Iya ih jadi pengen nasi cikur nih..

  2. Serunya ngopi di tengah hutan..apalagi dtambah cireng..wajib dicoba nih :)

    1. Iya Bubu, enak banget suasananya, syahdu gimana gitu. Kemudian baper. Hahaha..

  3. Sejuk ya kak ngopi di tempat yang beginian? apalagi di Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda banyak obyek wisatanya yang dapat dinikmati,,,, sambil wisata alam juga wiskul :-)

    1. Iya Kak Anis, bikin betah disini. Sayang waktu itu kami enggak sekalian ke Tahura-nya, mudah2an bisa segera kembali kesini.

    2. Amien,,, semoga bisa segera kembali kesitu dan mampir ke Tahura-nya :-)