Ibis Bali Kuta: Budget Hotel Near Bali's Airport

We had a one night stop over at Bali, before our Air Asia flight to Perth. I asked mr.husband whether we were going to stay at Bali's airport or at a hotel near Bali's Airport, to wait for our flight. He said as long as we could eat our favorite Bubur Laota, it doesn't matter for him:D

Then I remember Ibis Bali Kuta which is located just across Bubur Laota. I checked Ibis Bali Kuta's website, and the price on weekday was IDR 300,000 per night. Very cheap, for a budget hotel like Ibis :)

We took taxi from airport, and just few minutes later we arrived at Ibis Bali Kuta. The hotel looks beautiful at night with all the lights.

Welcome to Ibis Bali Kuta

The Lobby & The Restaurant

The check-in process was fast, it was almost midnight, all we wanted to do is getting to our room asap, then head to Bubur Laota:D

The lobby has the Balinese touch, and adjacent to the lobby is the restaurant. We didn't book our room with breakfast as we had to catch our morning flight to Perth.

The compact and modern lobby of Ibis Bali Kuta
The restaurant adjacent to the lobby

After getting our key, we went directly to our room. We were amazed by how lovely the design of Ibis Hotel Kuta is. I stopped a while and asked mr.husband to take a picture of myself near the lift.

The Balinese touch of Ibis Hotel Kuta is lovely

The Room

The room is Ibis Standard: modern, compact and it was really well maintained. We loved it, and the bathroom remind us to Ibis Patong Beach, Phuket. There's a small door to the toilet, which looks like a wardrobe's door.

Our room at Ibis Bali Kuta

The white small door is the bathroom
Our compact bathroom

The Location

Even it was after midnight, we still crossed the road to have our Bubur Laota (Laota's porridge). Read our review on Bubur Laota in this link.

The porridge and fried shrimp, our fave menu

So remember, if you have to stop over at Bali and would love to taste one of Bali's culinary which opens 24 hours, then stay at Ibis Bali Kuta.

Or if you are looking for a budget hotel near Bali's airport, I recommend Ibis Bali Kuta. This hotel is value for money and offers you the ease of transportation from and to Bali's airport.

Nowadays traffic is getting worse in Bali, stay at Ibis Kuta Bali will be a good option especially when you have to catch the morning flight.

written on March 20, 2016 by @tesyasblog

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  1. wah bener tuh 300rb mbak? kok murah banget yaah, jadi pengen

  2. Nice post, malah jadi penasaran sama bubur Laota :))
    Kalau nginep sama anak-anak (yg udah besar) berarti perlu pesan dua kamar ya? Atau ada opsi lain?

    1. Thanks Ade:) Bubur Laota endesss...
      Kayanya musti dua kamar De, I didn't notice if they have a family room.

  3. Mauuuk kapan2 nginep sini aahhh

    1. Jangan lupa ke Bubur Laota kalau nginep sini ya hehe..