Enjoying BBQ Spice Grill at Hardy's Dining Room Mercure Bandung Setiabudi

When you are staying in a hotel which is located in the northern part of Bandung and Lembang, it's better to stay at you hotel for dinner to avoid the traffic jam in the area. That's what we did when we stayed at Mercure Bandung Setiabudi.
What's better than having a BBQ in the cold air of Bandung? We went downstairs to Hardy's Dining Room around 7.30 pm. The restaurant was already busy with other guests who were enjoying the BBQ Spice Grill at Mercure Bandung.
The BBQ area just outside Hardy's Restaurant

Our Kiddos wanted to sit inside, so we didn't directly pick the food to be grilled, instead we went inside to choose our seats.
To our surprise, inside the Hardy's Dining Room, we found also salad, juice bar, lasagna (it was one of the warm food provided), as well as cakes. So it was not only the BBQ, but the buffet dinner was also included to the price! Ooh so happy!
Yummy cakes, didn't know which one should be chosen?

The salad bar and fresh fruit

At the BBQ area, you could choose fresh seafood, chicken, beef and sausages to be grilled. Just hand it over to the chef, and he will grill it for you.

Just choose anything you like
The friendly chef

"Is this yours, Bu?" the chef asked me and handed one plate of the grilled food. "Oh, yes thanks so much" I replied and walked to our table inside the restaurant. Hmmm, yummy food!

Let's have our dinner!

Next to the grill area, you could also choose vegetables and seafood for your tom yum soup! Wow, everything was included! 

Vegetables for the soup
A very tasty Tom Yum soup!

BBQ Spice Grill at Hardy's Dining Room will be held until June 2016. It will be a good option to gather with your family and have a break fasting at Mercure Bandung Setiabudi.


We were guests of Mercure Bandung Setiabudi, but in no way impact our review of this hotel. The review is ours and written based on our lovely stay at Mercure Bandung Setiabudi.

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  1. Aku niat banget pengen nginep disini tapi kok yaaa ngak ada yg ngajakin #DisituSayaSedih

    Eh gimana ??? #NgarepGratisan hahaha

    1. Hahaha eh gimana...gimana..? Hahaha...
      Ayo donk Kak Cum nginep, enak banget ini makan malamnya:)

  2. brp mbak price per orgnya ;).. ?

    1. IDR 200,000++ per pax Fan, gratis 1 orang untuk 5 pax.
      Sekarang Mercure Setiabudi Bandung juga punya iftar promo nih, IDR 150,000++ per pax.