Mercure Bandung Setiabudi: The Perfect Hotel For A Weekend Getaway

I often received questions from my friends and tesyasblog's readers about where to stay in Bandung for their weekend getaway. Then I question them their need, budget, and itinerary. 

Bandung as you may know is very hectic during weekend, especially long weekend! All the factory outlets, cafes, restaurants and tourist attraction places from Kawah Putih to Lembang Floating Market will be packed by locals as well as visitors. Choosing the right hotel for your itinerary is really important, otherwise you will be stuck for hours in traffic.

If your plan is to explore Bandung plus Lembang area, I would recommend staying at a hotel which is located between the two cities. Mercure Bandung Setiabudi is located in the northern part of Bandung, in the middle between Lembang and the heart of Bandung. 

Mercure Bandung Setiabudi is a semi resort. After your busy day eating and shopping in Bandung, you will feel a different ambience when you are back to the hotel. And of course, being the only international chain hotel in Lembang area, you will feel a top notch service as well as a modern and lovely room.

Every room has a backdrop with Bandung's icon on it.
Ours was the old building of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung 

Which Room to Choose at Mercure Bandung Setiabudi?

We arrived around 3 pm and were surprised when we were informed that we got a Privilege Terrace Pool View Room. "The minibar in the room is free and you can also enjoy the afternoon tea by the pool from 4 pm" the friendly receptionist explained it upon check-in. And I was like confirming what she just said, "The minibar is free?" Hahaha. And yes it was!

Snack and drinks were free during our stay:)

Mercure has 205 rooms ranging from superior, deluxe and the privilege rooms. Our room was located on the second floor, with a terrace overlooking the pool. You can choose the room which suite your budget, but make sure you book the room with a pool view. Even though you have to pay more, it is worth it.

Sitting at the terrace of our room while enjoying the pool view was really relaxing. Not to mention enjoying the sparkling light from the pool at night. So remember, book a pool view room!

It was indeed a luxury to have this beautiful terrace

The sparkling swimming pool at night

The Privilege Terrace View Room

We loved our room with all the amenities inside. Ok, first thing first. For me, having a purple sofa was the highlight of the room. Oh yes I am a big fan of purple. I occupied the sofa during our stay at Mercure:D

Oh, can I have it, please?:D

Yes the room was huge, and so did the bed. The extra large bed fits the four of us. One more thing, there were six pillows in the room. Yes, six of them! So we slept really well in Mercure's comfortable bed.

Kiddos enjoyed the bed so much

A very spacious privilege room with a purple sofa

During weekday, Mercure is mostly occupied by office meetings and events. That's why for business traveller Mercure also has a desk for those who might need to work from the room.

Mr.husband was really happy to find a coffee maker in our room. He directly made a cup of coffee, and of course he knew how to operate it. I remember staying at Sofitel Vienna, I had my own espresso machine inside the room, but too bad I didn't even know how to make the coffee:p 

So if your husband is a coffee lover, don't forget to upgrade your room to a privilege room:)

Illy coffee were also provided, perfect!
An espresso machine in our privilege room

Too bad there was no bathtub in the bathroom, but don't worry, we got a raindrop shower. Any hotel room having this kind of shower will be our favourite hotels. It feels great taking shower with a hard water pressure from the top of the ceiling.

There you go, the raindrop shower
The tiles made this bathroom special 

Enjoying The Free Afternoon Tea at Mercure Setiabudi

Bandung was raining the time we arrived at the hotel. But an hour later, the rain had stopped. So we walked to the pool area to enjoy our afternoon tea. When we got there, we were welcomed by cakes and pastries, many of them! As always, diets only apply during weekdays:D

To our surprise, the pool bar provides games like Othello, Uno Jenga and chess. So we sat there, having an Othello game with our Kiddos. It was indeed a peaceful afternoon.

The afternoon tea were provided at the poolbar
Playing othello with Kiddos#1
While Kiddos#2 was busy with the cakes:D

Kids Activities at Mercure Bandung Setiabudi

This hotel is very kids friendly. After playing Othello at the pool bar, we continued checking Mercure Bandung's their kids room. We stayed for a while at the kids room because our Kiddos wanted to play video games.

The kids room is located next to the spa, the area was large enough and also has some toys for toddlers.

Boys will be boys when they meet PS3:D
Your kids can play with the dolls, or even to color the drawings

The next morning, my niece came to the hotel and we registered her to join "The Cutest Chef" cooking class. This activity is held every Sunday morning around 10 pm at the pool area. Guests will have to pay additional IDR 75,000 to have their kids joining The Cutest Chef.

The little chefs and their instructor
What they made at the cooking class will be packed in a box to be taken home

While waiting for their cousin, our Kiddos played table tennis and running in the garden next to the hotel area. Ooh I love the greeneries at Mercure Bandung Setiabudi!

Learning how to play table tennis
If you wish to have an office or family gathering, Mercure has this kind of place

The Heated Pool at Mercure Bandung Setiabudi

The air and water in northern part of Bandung is still cold, and Mercure knows it very well. They provide a heated pool, which is very important for families traveling with children.

There are only few hotels in Bandung having a heated swimming pool, so if you need one, just go to Mercure Bandung Setiabudi.

The pool on a Sunday morning
This heated pool is so lovely

The pool wth sparkling light in the evening, gorgeous!

Other Sport Activities

There's a very nice gym overlooking the pool, located next to the spa. Or if you don't feel like going to the gym, you can always stop at their spa to try their massage.

Fitness with a view to the pool
The equipment at the fitness center is really good
The oils used in the spa

Big Breakfast at Hardy's Dining Room

Do you need to book a room with breakfast? YES, because the food were so yummy! And by taking your breakfast at the hotel, you will be able to enjoy the pool and join the kids activities on a Sunday morning.

The colorful brekfast table, seen from our terrace

I started my breakfast with a cup of Dilmah tea. Good tea is my companion every single morning. 

A box filled with Dilmah Tea

Then I head to the egg station and the croissant section. The varieaty of food was really great, we could also enjoy sushi in the morning. So take my advise, do book the breakfast when you make a room reservation, and make sure yo wake up early. Mercure Bandung Setiabudi is always full on the weekend, so waking up early means beating the crowd.

Waiting for the eggs
Sushi in the morning, why not?
The hot meals
Aah, there you are croissant :)

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Mercure Bandung Setiabudi and recommend this hotel especially for family travelling to Bandung.  

Bye for now Mercure Bandung Setiabud, but we will be back soon...

We were guests of Mercure Bandung Setiabudi, but in no way impact our review of this hotel. The review is ours and written based on our lovely stay at Mercure Bandung Setiabudi.

Jl.Dr.Setiabudi no 269, Bandung
Ph. +62-22-82000000
IG & Twitter: @MercureBdgStbd

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  1. aaahhhh kolam air hangatnyaaaa bikin kepingin berenang

    1. Ayooo Astri, kan suka weekend getaway ke Bandung juga. Cobain deh poolnya yang anget ini:)

  2. agghhh poolnya kereeen ^o^... Fylly bisa girang bgt ini main seharian... dia agak trauma kalo berenang di bandung krn terakhir ksana , anakku nangis pas nyebur ke kolam renang hotel yg dingin ;p...kalo ada pool yg hangat gitukan enak jdinya :)

    1. Memang Fan, Bandung itu walaupun udah ga dingin banget, tapi masih aja ya kalau kolam renang airnya berasa dingin. Makanya asik banget di Mercure karena kolamnya anget.

  3. Kasur nya lebar yaaaa, enak buat guling2 manja

    1. Hahaha iya Om Cumi, legaaa... Kamarnya juga:)

  4. Hehe ada harga ada rupa ya kak, kamarku yg superior kasurnya gak gede dan viewnya tentu saja bukan ke kolam renang :)

    1. Gpp Kak Nanda, lain kali kalau baby dah lahir mesti di privillege room kayanya:)

  5. ah jadi kepengen nyobain Mba, kemarin beberapa kali lewat depan hotelnya, bertanya-tanya dalam hati juga ini kolamnya anget ga ya... akhirnya ada review dari mba Tesya juga.

    1. Iya Mba, seneng banget berenang di kolam ini karena anget :)

  6. Hotel yang sangat bagus. namanya penting sekali dicatat.