Jogjakarta in One Day: Our Mommies Day Out Trip

Lately, I made many short trips with my family and friends during weekend. Having limited days of leave from the office was the main reason, other will be to have "a me time" with my friends. And that what we did when we decided to explore Jogjakarta in one day.

Thanks to many flights from Jakarta's International Airport Soekarno Hatta to Jogjakarta. We left Jakarta at 06.00 am (Garuda Indonesia's first flight) and took the 09.00pm as our return flight.

During the day, what we did was mainly shopping and enjoying Jogjakarta's culinary. We stopped by at Ullen Sentalu museum, but did not join the tour until the end because of our time constraint. We ended our day at Epic Coffee, a very nice coffeeshop in Jogjakarta, my favourite so far.

Here's our Mommies Day Out Trip, from breakfast to dinner in Jogjakarta. Pssst, we made 10 stops in one day!

1. Breakfast at Empal Yoeni

We arrived in Jogjakarta Adi Sucipto Airport around 07.00 am and started our day having breakfast at  Sop Empal Yoeni. The beef (or the "empal") was really good, too bad the soup that morning was too salty.

Sop Empal Yoeni in the morning
What a heavy breakfast!

Sop Empal Yoeni
Dr.Sarjito no 3, Jogja.
(It's about 5 minutes drive from Hotel Tentrem, my fave hotel in Jogjakarkta).
Opens Daily from 06.00 am to 02.00 pm.

2. Bakpia Merlino

Jogjakarta is famous for its snack called Bakpia, and there are maybe hundred of Bakpia brands in town. My top picks are only two brands though: Kurnia Sari and Merlino. We called to Merlino two days before going to Jogjakarta, so that they had prepared our Bakpia before we arrived at their store.

Try the green tea Bakpia, the best in Merlino. But due to its color (yup purple is my color hahaha) you should also try this purple bakpia made from taro.

Bakpia Merlino is smaller in size compared to the other brand

Bakpia Merlino
Jalan Pakuningratan no.55 (3 minutes drive from Hotel Tentrem Jogjakarta).
Opens at 08.00 am.
Phone: 0274-588036/ 0274-558339/ 0274-562334

3. Pasar Beringharjo

When we came, the market was still empty. We could watch the sellers were preparing their shop to open. Pasar Beringharjo is famous for cheap clothes. So this market should be in your shopping itinerary in Jogjakarta.

I bought "a batik lawasan" for IDR 50,000 at the back of the market. "Lawasan" means old style, so the color and the pattern remind us of those old days:D

The Batik Lawasan stall

It was very hot inside the market, even in the morning. So after about one hour, we finished our shopping and exited the market. Then I found many street food in front of the market. Ohhh they all look so yummy !

This picture give me an idea, mr husband could wait outside while I shop inside Pasar Beringharjo:D

Another choice of a heavy breakfast

4. Batik Rumah Jogjakarta

Where to shop good batik in Jogjakarta? One of the must visited shop according to our list is Batik Rumah, located near Alun-alun Jogjakarta. The price is lots more expensive compared to Pasar Beringharjo (well, of course!), but the place is lovely and the aircon worked well:D

Batik Rumah
Jalan Nogosari Lor

5. Snack Shopping at Jalan Mataram Jogjakarta

After a very hot shopping session at Pasar Beringharjo, we wanted to have gelato! So we headed to Tempo Gelato on Jalan Prawirotaman. On our way, we stopped a while to buy Jogjakarta's snack on Jalan Mataram.

The Ladies, minus Ibu Rita who took the picture

6. Tempo Gelato, The Best Ice Cream in Jogjakarta

I love Ice Cream, and wanted to try Tempo Gelato badly! Seen many pictures of this famous gelato in Jogjakarta on instagram, and it was time to finally try it!

Tempo Gelato opens at 10.30am, but although arriving early, the place was already crowded. 

Let's have Gelato!

Not only the gelato was good, but also the cone! And we only paid IDR 20,000 for a small Gelato, which includes two flavors! Writing this part was really challenging, I am craving for Tempo Gelato!

Our Ice Cream

Tempo Gelato (IG: @tempogelato)
Jalan Prawirotaman Jogjakarta
Opens from 10.30 am to 10.30 pm 

7. Having Lunch at Soto Kadipiro

Soto is not my kind of food actually, but the famous Soto Kadipiro is too bad to be missed. We went there around 1 pm, and found the restaurant was dirty. Maybe there were too many guests during lunch, and the staff did not have time to clean the restaurant.

The taste is so so, but anyway it's still worth a visit. Take my advice, add another chicken to your Soto and ask the staff to put it inside your bowl.

My bowl full of chicken:D

8. Ullen Sentalu Museum

Probably the best museum in Jogjakarta at the moment is the Ullen Sentalu Museum. We had to spend one hour drive from Soto Kadipiro to Ullen Sentalu, waited for a while for our turn to get in. The effort was well worth it, the tour through Ullen Sentalu was enjoyable. Too bad we were not allowed to take picture inside the museum.

We didn't have enough time to enjoy the whole tour, we exited after we had a drink at the museum. I will be back for sure to this museum!

The unique ticket counter
The ticket price
Waiting for our turn to get inside

9. Early Dinner at Epic

It was our last meal stop of the day. We went to Epic Coffee, thanks to Instagram which lead us to this cozy coffeeshop in town.
Read my review: Epic Coffee

You will love this place!

Do not forget to take picture in front of their Coffee Story like what I did:p

The story of coffee is epic!

Epic Coffe Jogjakarta

Jalan Palagan Tentara Pelajar Km 7,5 nomor 29.
(Few meters away from Hyatt Jogjakarta)
Phone number: 0274-4530704

10. Batik Indigo Jogjakarta

It was our first visit to Batik Indigo, and we just loved it! We met the owner, Ibu Irma, a very beautiful lady. The shop is inside her lovely house.

Found beautiful batik at Batik Indigo

We could make our tailor made batik, with price range starting IDR270.000, and have it sent to our home in Jakarta. Batik Indigo is located near the airport, so make sure you visit it after you arrive in Jogjakarta or on your way going back to the airport.

Batik Indigo (Ibu Irma)
Perum Jogja Regency F-1
Jl.L.Adisucipto/ Jl.Perumnas
(Timur Ambarukmo Plaza)


A very long and busy day for all of us, full of shopping, eating and everything else. Jogjakarta in one day is doable and we succeedeed enjoyed our day to the fullest. Can't wait for our next Mommies Dayout Trip!

written on May 24, 2016 by @tesyasblog


  1. bukti dari kekuatan perempuan yang terletak di betis dan mulutnya (ga berhenti ngerumpi n ngunyah2) hahaha
    btw wara wiri di jogja pakai apa sya?

    1. Hahahaha iya donk Astri:D
      Kita sewa mobil dari Trac Jogja, plus driver dan BBM.

  2. Aku belum pernah ke Yogya..pengen banget.. Di sana banyak banget tempat2 yang bagus ya Mba..

    1. Hai Mba Rita, ayo ke Jogja, iya banyak banget tempat bagus di sana. Tempat belanja juga dan tempat makan juga hehe..

  3. Kayanya perlu bikin buku khusus nih buat one day trip...hehe, ini Martin temennya husband: )

    1. Hei Martin! Iya nih kapan ya aku bikin One Day Trip to Sydney #yakale hahaha
      Masih di Sydney ya? Aaah jadi pengen berkunjung:D

  4. waaah sama kita mbak... fav ku juga bakpia kurnia sari ^o^..paling enak.. eh tapi blm prnh coba yg merlino sih... kurnia sari aku suka krn ga pecah kulitnya kalo digigit.. ga kayak yg bakpia pathok yg pake aneka nomor2 itu.. rapuh..

    jd terinspirasi mw ngajakin keluarga ama si mbak art dan babysitter jalan2 ke jogja sehari nih.. kalo ngajakin temen2ku mah susah.. pada ga doyan traveling -__-

    1. Fanny, cobain Merlino yang green tea. Even green tea nya Kurniasari mah kalah (:
      Ih kalau ama keluarga ya jangan sehari, tar cape:D

    2. kalo aku suka bakpia Kencana yg rasa kumbu hitam. enak jg lho. tpi alamatnya aku gak tau ^-^

    3. Wah aku malah belum pernah denger nih Bakpia Kencana, jadi penasaran...hehe..

  5. ya ampun gw mah ga sanggup deh kayak bisnis trip aja ini mah, jd inget jaman gw kerja di salah satu perush elektronik itu hampir setiap rabu itu harus meeting di Spore, trus ga boleh nginep, brkt pswt paling pagi, pulangnya pesawat sore (kdg bokis jg cari yg paling malam biar sempet jalan2 dikit)..buset capeee

    1. Hahaha..iya ini mommies-nya pengen pas Minggu udah kembali ke keluarga masing-masing hehehe.. Cape tapi seru, Vari:D