Semarang With Kids: Swimming At Umbul Sidomukti

On our weekend getaway to Semarang, we didn't really plan anything as we didn't know where to go in Semarang with kids. Only two places that we really wanted to visit: Lawang Sewu Museum and The Ambarawa Railway Museum.

But we changed our plan when I had my spa at Novotel Semarang, my therapist Mba Deti advised me to go to Umbul Sidomukti when I told her that our Kiddos love swimming so much. "You should go to Umbul Sidomukti, the view is great and they have a great pool", she explained further. The next morning, we really headed to Umbul Sidomukti.

With the help of Waze and also information from our friend Mas Adit who came to the hotel early in the morning, we managed to find the entrance to Umbul Sidomukti. The road was difficult to get here, very narrow and steep. But to my surprise, there was no traffic jam at all, although it was a long weekend. Well, something like this will never happen in Lembang-Bandung.

We were up in the mountain:)

"Shall we go to Pondok Kopi first or swimming?" mr.husband asked us when we entering the gate. And of course our Kiddos answered outloud, "Swimming!" We still got a parking place (later on it was full), and when we walked out of the parking place, we were welcomed by food street sellers before reaching the ticket counter. 

Oooh, heaven!

But of course we saved it for later. We had a big breakfast at Novotel Semarang already.

Walking to the ticket counter
This lady sells "Siomay & Batagor"

The ticket was cheap, only IDR10,000 per person (it is SGD1 only!). It includes the swimming, but we had to pay extra for other outdoor activities.

Really cheap ticket:)

Walking down from the ticket counter to the pool, we were amazed by the flying fox. The place is really beautiful, look at the greenery! Ooh I just loved this place. 

You should go to Umbul Sidomukti if you are visiting Semarang with kids:)

This place is awesome, you got to see this by your own eyes
What you can do at Umbul Sidomukti
Would you like to try the flying fox?
Or do you want to try walking on this bridge?

We didn't try any of the outdoor activities, we went directly to the pool. I realize that I didn't bring any towels for our Kiddos, but glad that I found a counter which sell towel, swimsuit, etc near the pool. Later on I waited at the cafe as the bag keeper while Kiddos enjoying the pool accompanied by mr.husband.

A decent place for a bag keeper hehe..

And how about the pool? Yes it was amazing, the pool is as high as the cloud! Swimming at Umbul Sidomukti give you the joy of swimming and a pleasure by enjoying the view.

The view from the cafe

The kids pool was on the lower part, the water was cold, but of course our Kiddos enjoyed it so much. 

Our Kiddos at Umbul Sidomukti
A great place to take you selfie, indeed:D

Approaching midday, we requested our Kiddos to stop their swimming session. It was hard, but they finally agreed. 

The view from kids pool to the cafe

Before leaving Umbul Sidomukti, we had Bakso (meatballs) at the exit. Our Kiddos love it so much, that Kiddos#2 asked me, "Can we just live here? This bakso is really delicious." Oh my, here we go again our drama king!

Our Kiddos enjoying the bakso
It was indeed really delicious and cheap!

Visiting Umbul Sidomukti for the first time? Here's our tips:
1. Do not forget to bring your swimming gears, sunblocks, toiletries, towel and hats. This sun is really hot up in the mountain.
2. Bring snacks for your kids, just in case they don't like the food at the cafe, or the street food at the entrance.
3. Try to arrive as early as possible.
4. Be careful to drive from Unggaran up to Umbul Sidomukti. You have to be an experienced driver. 
5. If you plan to do the outdoor activities, don't forget to bring your sport shoes.
6. Spend at least a half day to enjoy Umbul Sidomukti as well as Pondok Kopi (which will be written in a separate blogpost).

Enjoy Umbul Sidomukti! We would really love to come back, and we hope to be able to stay at their camping ground someday :)

written on June 26, 2016 by @tesyasblog

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  1. pool nya ngingetin aku ama kolam air soda di tarutung mbak:D. persis kyk gini, dikelilingi pemandangan gunung... Itu airnya dari mata airkah? ato sama kyk kolam renang biasa, tp dibikin sealami ini?

    1. Ah Fan, jadi pengen nyobain kolam air soda yang kamu tulis di blog itu deh!

      Kayanya sih air biasa, I am not so sure. Pemandangannya cakep banget dari Umbul Sidomukti ini Fan. Cobain kesini ya.

  2. Replies
    1. Iya Mba, pemandangannya asik, kapan2 cobain kesini ya..

  3. Tiket masuknya murah ya.
    Btw itu penutupnya baksoooo, pas banget buat cuaca di sana :D

  4. Wah, boleh juga nih. Trekking di situ enak juga kali yah?

  5. 4 th yg lalu sempet mau kesini ngak jadi, eh kok sekarang rame banget yaaa

    1. Wah empat tahun yang lalu juga udah sebagus ini Om?
      Iya sekarang rame, atau mungkin pas aku kesana juga lagi long weekend Om Cumi..

  6. Bagus ya tempatnya.. Jadi pengen kesana ah kalo ke Semarang. makasih info-nya Mba Tesya

    1. Iya Mba Fluory, kapan-kapan cobain kesini ya.

  7. View kolam renangnya ketje banget, Mak!

    1. Iyaa Mbak, walaupun airnya dingiiin:D

  8. lagi cari referensi semarang di blog mba tesya, yg muncul pertama kali di google postingan ini :D aku kesana des 2015 mba, dan ga cobain renang karena dingiin ^^ cobain nginep disana Mba Tes, seru deh malem2 berasa bobo di kulkas padahal ga ada ac dan msh musim hujan. hari k2 dpt sunrise kece, udaranya seger bgt dan makan malam di resto seafoodnya, termasuk murah dan enaaak..ikannya segar bgt. Aku k pondok kopi jg tp kapok. lbh suka makan di resto seafoodnya aja, atau pesen delivery d loby nanti mereka serve di depan kamar. romantis..aah jd kangen umbul sidomukti..

    1. Hi Mba Ike, thank you udah baca blog kami. Iya betah banget dengan udaranya yang dingin, kebayang ya kalau malam kaya kulkasnya:D Wah jadi pengin nginep sana Mba :) Btw resto seafoodnya sebelah mana ya?