Contrast Coffee Bandung: An Instgramable Coffee Shop In Bandung

This post is again about one area called Jalan Riau Bandung which has so many restaurants, factory outlets and also must visit coffee shops. The recommended Bandung's Culinary around Jalan Riau is posted in this link, and has been on tesyasblog's top posts for a while.

My friend Iwan Kustiwan introduced me to Contrast Coffee Bandung, a week before my visit to this homey coffee shop. I couldn't resist trying and visiting lovely coffee shops, so the next week we went to Bandung again, Contrast Coffee Bandung was on the top of my must visit place on that weekend.

We came around 9.30 am at Contrast Coffee Bandung, after buying Bandung's snack at Prima Rasa on Jalan Kemuning. The Contrast Coffee was still empty, leaving this industrial designed coffee shop only for me and mr.husband. Yeay!

The interior of Contrast Coffee is so gorgeous!

Two baristas welcomed us, we ordered one cup of Flat White and one cup of Magic. The later is one of the signature coffee of Contrast Coffee Bandung. I choose Ciwidey beans, while mr.husband choose Ethiopian coffee beans. Contrast coffee provides two kind of beans that morning.

And I must say that you should try their coffee which is called Magic, because it does taste magical! Contrast Coffee only provides some snacks to munch along with the coffee. We ended up ordering fried Bitter Ballen, and we also loved it.

"Magic" the coffee you should try when visiting Contrast Coffee Bandung

Besides the coffee, why this place is becoming everyone favourite coffee shop in Bandung is because the interior design of the cafe. The inside area was smoke free (which I really appreciate), air conditioned, and has a comfortable sofa to sit on.

The barista on the left and the interior design of the Contrast Coffee Bandung
Free and fast wifi will keep a blogger happy :)

While for guests who smoke, Contrast Coffee Bandung also provide a lovely semi outdoor area. 

The view from the outdoor area to the cafe
The greenery at the outside area
The concept is self service, this table is to put your dirty glasses and cups

Contrast Coffee Bandung is located on Jalan Anggrek, meters away from the famous steak restaurant Suiss Butcher and also near Cafe Bali. It opens from 8 am, if you are coming to Bandung on Saturday morning, just go directly to Contrast Coffee before exploring my hometown.

If you are lucky, you can get the seat to take picture with Contrast Coffee's intsagramable stairs like I did. But please ignore my slipper:D

The very instagramable stairs

For sure this is going to be a coffee shop that I will visit frequently, so shall we meet at Contrast Coffee Bandung sometime?

written on April 1, 2017
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  1. Kadang kalau kita lg nongkrong, selain ngincar kopinya yang enak, biasanya suka betah lama kalau tempatnya menarik untuk difoto yah.

    1. Iya Rico, dan asalnya satu cangkir bisa jadi dua atau tiga hehehe..