Warkop Modjok: Our Brunch at This Cute Coffee Shop

What to do in Bandung these days? Cafe hopping! There are so many new cafes and coffee shops in Bandung to be visited. Mostly the happening cafes and coffee shop are located on the northern part of Bandung: Dago, Punclut and Lembang. And as you may know, traffic is really bad especially on weekend. So once you are in the northern part, make some stops for a cafe hopping in Bandung.

After the whole day going to Hummingbird, Lawangwangi and Warung Salse, and The Lodge Maribaya, the next morning we went to Warung Modjok. A super cute coffeshop, heaven for you who love vintage.

We arrived early at 9 am, when Warkop Modjok has just opened. But there was a group of high school students I believe, taking picture for their year book. I wondered what time they had arrived at Warkop Modjok.

A very eye catching little coffee shop 

We went inside and started to order our brunch. The wooden house welcomed us, and it was very homey. You may see the menu on the below pictures, the food and drinks are reasonably priced.

We ordered only snacks and drinks, but there were too many snacks to choose. Many of them are traditional Bandung's snack, and as I am 100% Bandung person, I love all the snacks here at Warkop Modjok.

After a very long thought (yeah right:D) I ordered Cireng and Bala-bala, which is called "laba-laba" on the menu (or spider in English).

Cireng, a must have!
Laba-laba came with the peanut sauce, really yummy!

Our friend Donny ordered the noodle with spicy sambal matah, and it looks great. Too bad we had just our fried rice at the villa we rented via Airbnb.

I will come back for this some other time. Picture was taken by Donny Widagdo

And another must have item is of course the coffee! My cappuccino was so delicious, that when the cup is empty, I told my friends, "The coffee is really good!"

Everything gets better with coffee! Picture was taken by Mizaro

We enjoyed our brunch at Warung Modjok on a Sunday morning. Who wouldn't love this place. It is uber awesome! I would love to come back soon for the hot cappuccino and also "the laba-laba".

Getting to Warung Modjok From Bandung:
Drive head to Jalan Setiabudi, turn left after UPI (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia) to Jalan Sersan Bajuri. Go straight until you reach "Pondok Hijau" turn left. Just follow the road, and this cute cafe will be on your right.

Warkop Modjok
Jalan Pinus Raya, Komplek Pondok Hijau Indah
Jam Buka: 09.00 sd 12 malam

Where to Stay?
Warung Modjok's location is close to Mercure Bandung Setiabudi. We have stayed there before and our review could be read in this link.

written on December 20, 2016
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  1. kesan pertamanya aku lgs inget ama rumah marsha and the bear ;p... luccuk ihhh.... tapi inget namnya jd inget ama nama salah satu resto di jakarta mbak... mirip2 lah ;p.. aku kirain dulu karena pake nama warung, makananya murah.. pesen deh ama temen.. di menu memang g adaharga.. ternyataaa utk menu sederhana banget, kita digetok berdua , total nyaris 300 rb -__-.. sejak itu haram aku kesana lg wkwkwkwk ;p.. tp kalo warung modjok ini ga nipu2 harga ye kaaan :D..tertulis jelas semuanya sblm mesen.. gitu dong, jd ga kaget pas dikasih bill ;p

    1. Hahaha aku tau banget tuh yang dimaksud Fanny:D Enggak Fan, kalau mojok disini sih dijamin enggak bikin sakit kantong kok. Jadi kapan kita janjian mojok bareng disini Fan?

  2. Hi..we're readers from Malaysia.We're coming to Bandung next week on 16th Oct.Which place do u recommend for breakfast?Wud like to try local food,but light one..

    1. Hai, glad that you'll be visiting my hometown.

      Head to Miss Bee => http://www.tesyasblog.com/2014/10/miss-bee-providore-family-friendly.html for your breakfast. They open early and you'll love the place :)