Our First Night at Osaka: Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi

It was our first time ever visiting Osaka, and our itinerary was only two: visiting Mels Coffee Roaster and Dotonbori area. Of course the coffee tour was the idea of mr.husband. While my request was to take picture with the Glico. Just like everyone else:D

We left our apartment around 6pm and walked to Mels Coffee Roaster. You can read our coffee trip in Japan in this link. Then we asked the owner of Mels whether Dotonbori was in a walking distance. He answered that it is a 15 minutes enjoyable walk to reach Dotonbori. So we decided to walk, and ended up enjoying beautiful street of Osaka at dawn.

Read on, my post this time will be full of pictures :)

Beautiful Osaka during winter

We started our walk from Mels Coffee Roaster, a cute coffeeshop at the corner of the street.

With two cups of coffee :)

We turned on google map, and we just walked along the steert. 5 minutes later we were on a street packed with those branded shops.

The shops and hotel
We just walked on
Dior on the left

And we turned right to one lane close to Dotonbori. Suddenly we came to a Japanses style street, the atmosphere was really different. This lane lead us to Uniqlo, we did our shopping a while than continue our journey.

From a modern road to a traditional lane
Bicycle, taxis and the crowd
With my Uniqlo shopping bag

Thereafter we walked heading to Dotonbori through Shinsaibashi-suji shopping street and met lots and lots of people. It was not the place I wanted to be. I really wanted to get out of this street as soon as possible!

And people...

We stopped at Pablo to buy their cheese tart, because the price in Indonesia is doubled. I posted separate story of visiting this Pablo store in this link.


Finally we reached the end of the shopping street of Shinsaibashi-suji and saw the Glico sign I was looking for. Still we had to face the crowd, people were everywehere.

End of the street
Could you spot the Glico on the right?

The map from Uniqlo to Glico was like this, we just walked in one line.

Source: Quark Shinsaibashi

And my encounter with the famous Glico was tough: I had to wait for my turn to take picture. Well, of course because the crowd was amazing. And when I had the spot, I had to hold all my shopping bags hahaha..

Hello there Mr.Glico :)
Look, there is an empty space down there..
Myself with the Glico and all those shopping bags:p

Mr.husband took pictures of the river cruise, I didn't know where to take the cruise, but I think it would have been great to see the Glico from the cruise.

We continued to the Starbucks with a long queue, which is located just in front of the giant crab icon of Dotonbori. And we sat down enjoying our coffee and the Pablo.

There were so many lanes to explore at Dotonbori
Another shopping street, also very crowded

It was our first experience ever visiting Osaka, and I hope it will not be the last. Maybe we just choose the wrong timing so that we met so many people during our visit.

written on April 13, 2017
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