Pablo Cheese Tart, Shinsaibashi Store Osaka

After the opening of Pablo Cheese Tart Indonesia in Jakarta (Nov 2016), and of course seeing the queue, we intended to visit one of the Pablo Store in Japan. The price of the cheese tart in Indonesia is doubled, and we had a plan to visit Kyoto and Osaka in Jan 2017 anyway, so why not visiting one of the Pablo store?

Mr.husband said that there are Pablo Cheese Tart stores in Osaka, one of them is near Dotonbori. And among the crowd, we saw the very eye catching store of Pablo Cheese Taart in Shinsaibashi.

Finally, we found the Pablo Cheese Tart store in Japan, for the first time :)

Hello, Pablo!

I joined the queue, and stumbled on the menu that Pablo Cheese Tart Indonesia do not provide (yet). It's the chocolate cheese tart and the one with fruits on it.

I am not a big fan of chocolate cheese tart, but while in Japan, let's have it a try.

The queue for Pablo
My Pablo

Outside the restaurant, you can enjoy how the cheese tart is being made. And look at the pictures, how the staff are whole hearted prepare the cheese tart.

What a lovely store
Fresh from the oven
Pablo in the making

At the next section, we saw the ready cheese tart. The one we also have in Pablo Cheese Tart Indonesia. I am a big fan of BAKE cheese tart, by the way. Having seen how this Pablo Cheese Tart being made, I know why this cheese tart is very famous. It's not only a cake but a piece of art.

Yup I agree that Pablo is a cheese tart revolution.

Beautifully made Pablo
I love the uniform of the staff too..

We ended up sitting at Starbucks and enjoy our Pablo. It was too big for two people, we managed to bring it safely to our rented apartment in Osaka.

   Pablo and the Starbucks tumbler

If you come to Osaka, don't forget to stop by at Pablo. They also have a cafe in Dotombori area, too bad we didn't visit their cafe. But of course, they will always be the next visit to Japan. Hopefully :)

written on April 9, 2017
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  1. Aduuuh pagi-pagi liat beginian salah bangettt.. tanggung jawaaaab, jadi laper iih 😁😁

    1. Hahahha ayo meluncur ke Pablo Indonesia :)

  2. Aku kok yaa ga berani beli cheesetart yg gedenya gitu yah kak, rasanya takut eneg, kalo yg mini cheesetart atau menu cheesecake yg kayak fuwa-fuwa sama uncle's tetsu baru deh berani hahahaha, btw berapaa deh harganya kalo di Jepang?

    1. Hahahaha iya Mei emang kegedean, harusnya sih makan rame-rame ya..