Hayman Coffee Beans Review: Jamaican Blue Mountain and Hawaii Kona

I recently contacted by Hayman Coffee asking whether I would like to try their coffee beans. Known as one company in UK which offer specialty coffee beans, of course my answer was a big YES. And the coffee beans were shipped all the way from Europe to Indonesia. 

I was wondering whether the thousand miles delivery would affect the taste of the beans. But the Hayman's coffee beans are "roasted to order", meaning the coffee are roasted once they receive your order. That is why the coffee beans were still fresh when it was arrived at our home.

The beans came in a very exclusive packaging, I got two kind of beans which were the Jamaican Blue Mountain and Hawaii Kona. I requested coffee beans instead of Nespresso campatible capsules, as we'd like to make the coffee using V60 manual brew.

On a fine weekend, mr.husband grind the coffee beans using the manual coffee grinder, and it made our home smells really nice:) He then prepared all the coffee equipment for the manual brew, not to mention the dripper we bought in Blue Bottle Tokyo

The coffee bloomed perfectly, as a proof how fresh the coffee beans was.

And now how about the taste of the coffee? I like its light taste with very nice smell. Having tried their coffee, I agree with their tagline: Finest World Coffee.


Jamaica Blue Mountains (100% Grade 1 Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee)
Origin/Species/Varietal: Blue Mountains, Jamaica/ Arabica/ Blue Mountain
Growing altitude: 900 - 1,700 metres.
Harvest period: August - September
Processing method: Wet
Body: Medium - light
Flavour: Sweet, pleasant acidity, chocolate notes
Aroma: Floral, walnuts

Hawaii Kona (100% Extra Fancy Hawaii Kona Coffee)
Origin/Species/Varietal: Kona District, Big Island of Hawai/ Arabica/ Kona Typica
Growing altitude: 550 - 700 metres.
Harvest period: September - February
Processing method: Wet
Body: Medium 
Flavour: Sweet, pleasant acidity, caramel notes
Aroma: Rich, sweet

Now after seeing the pictures above, get your own Hayman's coffee beans. They ship the coffee to many countries, or grab the coffee at Harrods and Selfridges, the high end departments which became Hayman's exclusive retailer in the UK.

written on November 1, 2017
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