Bird of Paradise Gelato Boutique: A Reason To Visit East Coast Road Singapore

Yes I love gelato, like SO MUCH! I could go everyday to Tempo Gelato when I am in Jogjakarta. And I was so happy to find a what so called "gelato boutique" in Singapore when we were strolling around Holiday Inn Express Katong.

The "boutique" was simple yet inviting because it was so crowded on Saturday morning. And once we stepped in, we found pastel colors of gelato, consist of botanical flavors like basil, pandan, mint cacao, white chrysanthemum, mandarin sorbet and lots more. 

Welcome to Bird of Paradise Gelato :)

Soft colors of the gelato

Which one did I choose? Hmm, it took a while to decide, but at the end I choose pistachio gelato. The lady said that I had to add another SGD1 for pistachio. So I paid SGD5,7 for one cone. Very expensive indeed!

Confuse which one to choose:p
My pistachio gelato

Bird of Paradise Gelato has the equipments to make their own gelato's cone. The smell of the baking process of the cone was so good! I have never seen how a cone is made, so it was really special for me to see the process.

The making process
Now, they are ready :)

If you love gelato, next time you go to Singapore, try to stop by at East Coast Road to find this Bird of Paradise Gelato Boutique.

written on January 5, 2018

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  1. Samaaa mba.. Aku jg sukaaaa bgt ama gelato. Pas ke bali kmrn puas deh makanin gelato, dan selalunya aku pilih rasa2 yg ga biasa.. Krn penasaran doang sih :p. Pas di bali, gelato yg aku pilih rasa seperti jamu gitu, dan failed bgt hahahahah.. Tp setidaknya ga penasaran lagi :p

    1. Hahaha ya ampun gelato rasa jamu! Berarti Fanny harus coba di SIN ini, gelato rasa daun basil. Duh kaya apa ya hehe..