Weekend Getaway: Island Hopping & Staying at Fairfield by Marriott Belitung

After a while, we went back to Belitung for a weekend birthday trip. Although we only stayed one night, but the island hopping was unforgettable. This time, we had to experience a heavy rain on the boat, it was very scary but our Kiddos said they will never forget the moment:D

We only visited Pulau Kepayang and Pulau Pasir Gosong, it was because our flight was rescheduled from 06.30am to 09.30am. We arrived approaching lunch at Hanandjoeddin airport. However we managed to snorkel at two spots, and played at the beautiful beaches.

A midday playing session at Pulau Kepayang

Garuda Miles Redemption For Jakarta-Belitung Ticket

Our flight from Jakarta was a fully point redemption from our Garuda Miles points. We only paid for the airport tax of terminal 3 Soekarno Hatta and a surcharge. 

While for the return ticket, we redeem our Garuda Miles for Citilink ticket, because the point needed was less compared to Garuda (Garuda: 4,000 miles for a one way ticket, while Citilink 3,500 tickets). For mr.husband, we also redeem our Traveloka point to a one way ticket from Tanjung Pandan to Jakarta, because our Garuda Miles was not enough. 

Arriving at Soekarno Hatta at 7 am, we utilized the Sky Train from our parking place to Terminal 3. It was Kiddos request, so we came earlier to ensure we have enough time fro the Sky Train ride.

Inside the Sky Train

Our Garuda flight was on an explorer jet. We knew it when we did our web check in, the seats was two-two only in each row. Upon boarding, passenger with a cabin bag, had to leave their bags near the entrance. And later on when we arrived at Tanjung Pandan, the bags were collected near the entrance once again.

Getting ready for the explorer jet.

Lesson learned, next time it is better to redeem to Citilink flight. The flight was ontime and the aircraft was the normal one. But anyway thank you Garuda Miles for the point redemption program!

Island Hopping In Belitung

We were picked up by Pak Rohim, who managed our tour everytime we are in Belitung. He drove the car until the area of his house, then mr.husband did the self drive to the port named Tanjung Kelayang. The rent of an Avanza cost us IDR 300,000. Which I think a very normal price for 2018.

The boatman, Mr.Kuto waited for us to arrive at Tanjung Kelayang. We always use Mr.Kuto, so it was like a small reunion for us :) The boat was for 10 person (IDR 450,000) but we rented for our self.

The birthday boy and Mr.Kuto

Mr.Kuto advised us to take lunch first, because if we were late, than the chef had to wait at Pulau Kepayang only for our group. We said that we will do whatever he advised us to that day:p

Arriving at Kepayang Island, of course our Kiddos wanted to play directly on the beach. But I told them to eat first. Well, it was not a good idea at all, because at the end they ate only in small portion, and left everything for me and mr.husband. OMG! And yeah, look at the food.

We ordered via Pak Rohim, one portion for IDR 80,000. Next time, instead of ordering for 4 person, we better order for 3 person. The food include Sop Gangan, the traditional food from Belitung.

After a quick lunch, we played on the beach. Yup of course with my purple hat, what can I say, it was at 1 pm!

Snorkeling Near Lengkuas Island

Because we saw a dark cloud in a distance, we decided to move on to our snorkeling spot, which is located near Lengkuas Island. We told Mr.Kuto that we didn't want to visit Lengkuas Island, the snorkeling is enough.

So we went there directly, and saw the famous lighthouse on the way to our snorkeling spot.

There were only few boat which were at the snorkeling spot, giving us lots of space to snorkel. Yeay!

Finally, it was our Kiddos favorite: snorkeling!

When we were enjoying our snorkel, the wave became hard and we went back to the boat just in time. Then rain came became more heavy and heavy. We decided to continue our journey home.

We had to cover our face with the life jacket because the rain was hitting our face hardly. Oh my, it was so terrible, all I could see was a dark cloud and rain. Alhamduillah it didn't last long, suddenly the rain was over when we were approaching Pulau Pasir Gosong. So we stopped there and played on the beach once again.

Our Kiddos are still talking about the bad weather on the boat experience up to now. Yup it was unforgettable, but I prefer not to meet the storm again, especially when inside the wooden long tail boat!

At Pulang Gosong, in front of "Kapal Kita" boat, which is belong to Mr.Kuto.

In a distance, we saw other boat were snorkeling not far from Pulau Gosong. Kiddos#1 asked Mr.Kuto if we could snorkel in other spot. And so he took us to the next stop, and it was really beautiful. But we were told to be careful with the sea urchin. Yup we saw many of them near the corals. And the sea urchin was huge!

Too bad we didn't take our GoPro, so just enjoy the picture from the boat :)

Next time you visit Belitung, do not forget to request a snorkeling session at this spot. Tell your boatman that the spot is near Pulau Gosong Island.

Staying One Night at Fairfield By Marriott Belitung

Om Hermawan who visitied Belitung few weeks before our visit, told us that there's a new hotel called Fairfied in Belitung. As we have stayed in Lor InnBahamas  Hotel and BW Suites before, so we wanted to try a brand new hotel.

We reserved the Ocean View room via booking dot com, and got room on the 1st floor, just meters away from the pool. Although very cramped, but we succeeded to sleep sharing two twin bed for the four of us:D No one was willing to sleep on the sofa.

We loved the room, it is just that the hotel has to think that there will be many families traveling to Belitung and stay at Fairfield. So I think, one bedroom should provide at least four pillows. Or even if they only want to provide one pillow, they should put a note next to the bed saying that customer can ask additional pillow. Well, it's only my thought being a family traveller.

After our Ashar Prayer, we had another swimming session at the pool. The pool is so lovely, facing a what so called beach garden where we could enjoy the sunset.

And here comes the sunset, a beautiful one.

This is by far the best hotel we have ever stayed in Belitung. Perfect location not far from the city center, and you have the Kopi Kong Djie on Jalan Pattimura, next to the hotel.

Our room cost us around IDR 1 mio, and I think the price was well worth it. The room didn't come with breakfast, we had to pay IDR 150,000 for one person. Well, forget it! Too expensive for Belitung standard.

Going Back to Jakarta from Belitung 

We took Citilink first flight at 7.30 from Tanjung Pandan. We left the hotel at 6 am, picked up Mr.Rohim who continued driving to the airport.

After checking in, we went to the airport canteen where we had delicious  snacks "gorengan", noodle for our Kiddos and a cup of black coffee for mr.husband.

It was always good to be back to Belitung, and we will continue as the regular visitors to the island. Until we meet again, Belitung!

Written on May 20, 2018
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  1. Aku ga kebayang lagi di kapal gitu trus hujan lebat. Apalagi kalo pake acara petir :D. Takutnya udh dobel. Cuacanya bagus aja aku ketar ketir tiap naik boat begini. Mungkin krn ga bisa berenang juga. Jd mikirnya udah yang ter de worst "p

    1. Hahaha iya Fan, aku juga takut waktu itu. Udah pake pelampung dan berdoa aja :)

  2. Mbak Tesya, boleh minta updated contact no pak Rohim dan pak Kuto kah?

    1. Hai Mba Ririn, aku ada tiga no nya:
      - 081278053285
      - 081929680973
      - 085379208764
      Silahkan coba dihubungi ya :)