Cycling in Osaka & Places We Visited

Finally we had a chance to explore Osaka on bikes. Yup, cycling in Osaka had been in our bucketlist and we were thrilled to cycle around the city two days in a row! By riding the bikes, we could go passing the lanes, street and area which may not be explored if we only utilized subway.

The highlight of the rides was of course the Osaka Castle. It was our first visit ever to the Osaka Castle (actually it was our very first visit to a castle in Japan), and we could make some loop through the park using our bikes.

Cycling in Osaka Castle

Where To Stay If You Plan To Have A Cycle Trip in Osaka

I was searching a bike and bed hostel in Osaka, and I got Charin Co Bed and Bike as my one and only option. It was not located at the very center of Osaka, but it provides bikes. That was the number one reason why we stayed there.

The double bed room was fully booked, so I choose a single room with balcony for my self and a bed in the mixed dorm form mr.husband. We stayed only one night anyway, so being separated was ok for us.

Of course the bike comes on the first come first serve basis, so on the second day we woke up early to be able to choose our bike. Whilst on the first day, we only got bikes left after midday.

A very bike friendly hostel
The lobby situation upon our check in at midday
The bikes at the lobby at night

Day 1: Our Coffee Trip Around Shinsaibashi

As our flight was delayed for 2 hours, we canceled our morning plan and went directly to Shinsaibashi area instead. There were two coffeeshops on the list for the first day: Lilo Coffee Roaster and Mel Coffee Roaster.

And yeah of course the Anello Flagship Store as always:D

This is how the locals park their bike
A lovely tiny coffeeshop: Lilo Coffee Roaster
The must visit!
Shinsaibashi for some shopping

Day 2: The Beautiful Osaka Castle and Fresh Seafood at Kuromon 

At around 8 am we checked out, picked up the bike and off we go to the Osaka Castle. 

We started our bike trip on the second day

It was a clear sunny day at Osaka, and the sunshine made the castle even more beautiful :) 

The beautiful castle
Lovely park around the castle
We were almost there!

We didn't go inside the castle, we left the castle after sitting a while to take a rest. It was so hot even early in the morning, so sitting in the park to rest was what I needed badly.

The view from the bench we were sitting on
People were jogging around the castle
Bye Osaka Castle

Lappland Coffee Stand & Kuromon Ichiba Market

Approaching 10 am, we were starving so we headed to Kuromon Ichiba Market or Kuromon Fish Market. We followed google map and sometimes had to take the narrow lines. 

Riding bike like a local in Osaka

Then we passed a cute coffestand called Lappland, and stopped over for a hot café latte. The lady barista was also kawaii and so friendly :)

A coffeestand adjacent to a toy store

After sipping our hot café latte, we continued our journey to one of my fave place in Osaka: The Kuromon Fish Market. As always I also went to my fave little restaurant selling Unagi Don. You have to try the Unagi Don at Kuromon.

Mr.husband also interested for the Green Beans Parlor, a coffee roaster owned by an old man with their antique equipment. We didn't buy any of the beans though, but the place is so lovable.

Kuromon Fish Market in the morning
My fave unagi don!
Ooh it was so good!
The famous baked scallop
A must try!
We also tried the baked lobster, yummy!
The coffee beans shop at the corner
Love to see the owner who were so passionate about coffee

Back To Shinsaibashi For Millpour Coffee and Fun Space Café

We still had time before our plan to go to Kobe later in the afternoon, so we went back to Shinsaibashi. There's still one coffeeshop on the list: the Millpour Coffee and also the famous Fun Space Café.

It was a hot day in Osaka
Yeay Millpour Coffee, finally :)
Had our light lunch here

It was a very enjoyable experience to ride the bike two days in Osaka. Well actually riding the bike is not really my thing but riding in Osaka gave me a whole different experience that I am thinking to buy a new bike:D

Written on August 15, 2018
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