One Day in Singapore: From Jewel to Floral Fantasy and Tulipmania Festival 2019 in Gardens By The Bay

The yearly Tulipmania Festival in Gardens By The Bay is always on my bucketlist. Visited it back in 2013 (see the post here) and also in 2017 (you may refer to this link) all by myself, this time I got two companies. Hence I haven't succeeded taking mr.husband to the Tulipmania Festival.

Ibu Diah and Janie are my colleagues, who agreed to do a one day trip to Singapore. Actually we had bought a Friday night ticket after office hour, but Air Asia cancelled the flight, and we were given a new schedule which is on Saturday's morning. Whilst our return ticket on Saturday at 10 pm remained unchanged.

The show must go on, and the bright side is: we are very sure now that Singapore is doable in one day. I am going to share with you on hourly basis how we managed our time effectively:p

A mini Dutch house welcome us at Flower Dome, Gardens By The Bay

10.00 am: Arrival in Singapore and Visited Jewel

Yes you might have heard about the new shopping complex near Changi which is called Jewel. Janie had the idea to visit it before our flight back home. But I told her to visit Jewel on our arrival. The place is a big hit, arriving early would be an advantage for us.

We took Air Asia morning flight, and arrived at T4. After the immigration process, we could see signs to Jewel. So if you are not sure how to get there, don't worry because the sign is very clear.

This is how to go to Jewel from T4 Changi:

Step 1: Take the free shuttle from T4 to T2

T4 is not (yet) linked to other terminal by skytrain. So either you take taxi or the free shuttle to go other terminals. Please be advised, there is no direct bus from T4 to Jewel, you have to transit in T2 first, and took the link bridge in T2.

Follow this sign
Take the free shuttle

Step 2: Alight at T2, and take the elevator to the 3rd level

When we alight from the bus, you may see ATMs on your left. And there's a sign to go to Jewel saying that you have to take the elevator. Turn left before the ATM's and you will find the elevator.

Turn left before this ATMs

Step 3: Just walk to the Link Bridge

Exit from the elevator, and walk about 10 minutes through the Link Bridge, you will be arriving in Jewel Shopping Complex.

As we were walking through the bridge, we notice that the locals were also walking with us to Jewel. So this place is not only for tourists, but also where the locals go.

This is the link bridge from T2 to Jewel

The Waterfall of Jewel

Claimed as the tallest indoor waterfall in the world at 40m (at the moment), Jewel waterfall feels so magical. It's packed with people taking pictures and videos (of course!), but glad that we went to the 4th floor. The view was great and it was a good photo spot as well.

We didn't have much time to explore Jewel. After taking pictures, we went downstair to get Jewel's Starbucks Tumbler special edition, went shopping to Onitsuka, and went to Gardens By The Bay by taxi (it was around SGD21).

If you need to know what to do in Jewel, please refer to its website.

Jewel with the skytrain
With Ibu Diah and Janie
The Jewel's tumbler
Janie with her new shoes:p

12.00 pm: Floral Fantasy at Gardens By The Bay

We took taxi from the basement of Jewel to Gardens By The Bay. To save energy, we took the shuttle, cost SGD2 per person for the whole day in Gardens By The Bay area.

Our first destination is the Floral Fantasy, located not far from the exit of Bayfront MRT. Janie who introduced me to this latest attraction of Gardens By The Bay. She bought the ticket online at Gardens By The Bay's website, SGD17 per person. It was actually a discounted ticket as the place has just opened. The normal ticket price is SGD20 per person.

One thing to remember, the admission ticket is time-stamped, and the visit is limited only for one hour. Ours was 12pm to 1 pm. If you have purchased the ticket, make sure you arrive on time.

On the shuttle
Arrival at Bayfront Plaza
The entrance to Floral Fantasy

It is a real floral fantasy inside, beautiful flowers decoration, waterfall and the best part is the 4d movies at the end of the Floral Fantasy. The movie was about a dragonfly who is flying all over Gardens By The Bay. We act as if we were the dragonfly. The ride was quiet an experience.

Anyway the place is so girly, I don't know if your boyfriend or husband will complaint entering place like this haha. 

01.30 pm: Tulipmania Festival 2019 at Gardens By The Bay

Ibu Diah and Janie had lunch near Floral Fantasy, while I was fasting that day. After lunch, we headed to Flower Dome, taking the shuttle once again. And YES, finally I met the tulip again.

Note: previously we could buy Flower Dome ticket only, but at the moment, only Singaporean who may buy a single entry ticket. Tourists have to buy the bundling ticket going to Flower Dome and Cloud Forest for SGD26.

Finally, Tulipmania Festival 2019

We went inside the Flower Dome, and it is still my happiest place in Singapore. The place is cold (by aircon), smells good and filled with all beautiful flowers. And this time by my favorite flowers, the tulips.

Enjoy the pictures (taken by my Huawei P30 Pro).

03.00 pm: Taking MRT to Orchard Road

At our spare time before our night flight, we went to Orchard. From Flower Dome, we took the shuttle back to Bayfront Plaza, continued by taking MRT from Bayfront MRT to Orchard.

At Orchard, I went to Al Falah mosque, while Ibu Diah and Janie had their shopping time. The mosque is located near Paragon shopping mall, to be precised, near the exit for taxi queue at Paragon.

Taking MRT, just like in Jakarta :)
Yeay, purple chairs
The mosque at Orchard

.00 pm: Heading Back to Changi Airport

We took taxi from ION Orchard to Changi for SGD30, and arrived at Changi at the time of my break fasting. I bought Bake at ION, and enjoyed it at Changi :)

10.00 pm: Going Back to Jakarta

Our flight was ontime, at 10 pm, we were ready to sleep on the airplane. Thank you Ibu Diah and Janie, let's do this once more :)

Written on June 2, 2019 

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  1. Singapore has lots of things to offer. That's why I've always wanted to go back there. Plus, Jewel is so interesting!

  2. Lagi ngetrend banget ke Jewel, ya. Jadi penasaran nih. Tapi saya belum ada jadwal ke Singapore. Harus bersabar ...

    1. Iya Mba, kalua ke SG nanti mampir ya.

  3. Tolong tanya, kak, kalau mau ke Floral Fantasy apakah tiket harus dibeli online? Atau bisa juga beli on the spot?

    1. Hai Mba, waktu itu kami beli online karena Floral Fantasy nya baru buka. Coba cek di website Gardens By The Bay, sekarang masih harus beli online enggak.

      Waktu itu kami bahkan beli dengan slot waktu Mba.