Bebek Kaleyo Cempaka Putih

As a bebek lover, you really have to try this place..but don’t give up when you see the place is very crowded! Just park your car nearby and have a seat.. That was our experience when we wanna try this place. Heard this place from Pa Krisjna, and as this place is only 10 minutes away from my ofiice, we went there but decided to have something else cause the place was so crowded. The next time we went there, still it was very very crowded, but using my maternity power to rene *you know... things like: the baby wants to have bebek:p* we finally tried this place. Yup it was crowded but once you find the seat, you don’t wait that long. Actually the crowd was for the take away bebek.

I had a bebek kremes while rene had a bebek cabe ijo. Served with rice, the sambal and fresh vegetable, it cost us only Rp 17,000/ portion. The bebek was quite big, chewy, and the sambal is very delicious! Especially for the bebek cabe ijo, it’s very hot!! Really not my food as I don’t like spice food that much. We’ve also tried the bebek bakar, but the taste of the bebek goreng kremes is much better.
We still think that Bebek Goreng Suryo is still the best bebek in town though, but as the location is so far from our office, this bebek Kaleyo is just the right place for us to have bebek after office hours.

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