An Unforgettable Weekend in Bandung - Part 2

Cause we’re already in Dago area, after having our breakfast, we went to Kartika Sari Dago. I haven’t been there for a while and I was amazed with their new look. Beside the Kartika Sari, there’s also cafe and even Factory Outlets in the second floor. They also have some cozy meeting rooms. One more thing, they even build a basement for the parking area. Wow...really a nice place!

Next destination is still to look for Bandung’s fave food, so we went to Kue Bawean in Jalan Riau and Gepuk Ny. Yong. Gepuk Ny Yong is quite expensive now, it cost Rp 8,000 for one piece of Gepuk. You may choose to buy the original or the spicy one.
Already in Riau area, we move on to Primarasa on Jalan Kemuning. Some of the team were shopping there and some were having a photo session at Bestcare, the baby shop right in front of Primarasa.

After having some shopping, we decided to have delicious cheesecake at Cizz on Jalan Laswi Bandung, not far from Primarasa. We ordered blackforest cizz, triple cizzcake and strawberry marble cizz. Yummy...
Enough in Riau area, we move on to Batagor Kingsley on Jalan Veteran, too bad we didn’t take any picture there. We ordered some batagor and siomay, and also bought batagor to be taken away. After batagor, we went to Rasa ice cream and bakery, to try what I told them “the best ice cream in Bandung” Because everyone was full, we only bought one single scoop and they agree that the ice cream was delicious.
Finally it was time to have lunch and we went to blackpepper in Jalan Maulana Yusuf. Although everyone was really full after a half day dining experience, still each person ordered one portion of steak.

After the great and heavy lunch, everyone was agree to visit some Factory Outlets before we try something else. We went to the Cascade, Heritage, The Summit and Stamp. But only myself who did the shopping for najmi and his cousin, while the rest thought that Mangga Dua is cheaper. Because I haven’t found anything for najmi’s cousin, so I asked everyone to company me to a factory outlet called “anak kecil” and finally I found something there.

To close our dining experience session in Bandung that day, we went to eat Sop Buah Ewok near Gedung Sate Bandung. It was also the first time that I had the es buah ewok, and when I tried it, I really regret why I haven’t tried this delicious food until now? The fruit are fresh, mixed up one another giving it really fresh taste.
Time flew really fast that day, and after the sop buah session, it’s time to go to the travel which will take them to Jakarta. Before we went to City Trans travel, we bought baso tahu lavie on Jalan Imam Bonjol, and there we met Samuel and Audrey who picked up Yuni. Before saying goodbye, we took one last picture.. Hope that everyone will keep the Bandung’s memory in their heart like I do.

PS. I’m writing this story during my maternity leave, and I really miss each and eveyone of you girls.....Hope to see you all again very soon


  1. Bundo....i miss our happy time @ bandung.
    That was very unforgettable weekend :D
    why u didn't post the best picture of mely with her full hairy face hahahahaha?

  2. Hahahaha jangan Yenn..itu aib :D Yuk jadi next destination Bali aja ya??