Ra Chaa at MKG 3

The first time I tried Ra Chaa, I had it both for lunch and dinner on the same day! I really really love it!

It was an ordinary Friday when I and my team had to choose where to eat, and we decided to try Ra Chaa at Mall Kelapa Gading 3. When we got there, I had to go to Sonny Ericsson outlet first to have Rene’s phone repaired, so I didn’t join the food pick up and also the cooking session.. All was done by my friends, because the queue was quite long at SE outlet. And that's why after office hour ww went to Ra Chaa once again..

Ra Chaa is a both grilled and suki resto, first when you walk in to the resto, you have to choose what you’re going to have, each food are tagged with particular color represent different prices. You may choose suki or grilled only, but better to have them both. You also have to order rice and drinks, then pay to the cashier. No refill for the drinks..that’s too bad.. The drinks is around Rp 10,000 to Rp 13.500 vary form thai iced tea, ocha, iced coffee, lemon tea or just mineral water.

For what I and Rene ordered that day, we had to pay Rp 50,000 per person, and we were so full... Tge price really depends on what kind of food you choose. I like the grilled meat better than the suki. So when we want to have some grilled yakiniku, we don’t have to go to Hanamasa anymore *it’s too expensive!* instead we can have it at Ra Chaa.

written on 24 April 2009

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