Toko Oen Malang

Malang is one of my fave cities in Indonesia for its weather and also the food. Unfortunately I seldom visit Malang, as long as I remember, I have visited Malang 4 times only, and all of my visit were for business trips. Let me share you my visit to Malang last year (couldn't believe I haven't posted it until now:p).

We stayed at Graha Cakra Hotel because Santika Malang were fully occupied. From Graha Cakra we walked to Toko Oen, it was about 20 minutes walk from our hotel to Toko Oen. I will make a separate post regarding the hotel.

Toko Oen Malang from the outside looks very "Holland" with the welcome banner which was written in Dutch 

I didn't order anything because I saw a pork dish on their menu. I enjoyed the ambiance of the resto and also their "snoepen" (snacks).

The resto would be very packed when there are tourist bus coming to Toko Oen, so better to visit Toko Oen in the late evening. By that time many buses leaving Toko Oen already and we could enjoy the resto only for ourselves.

written on September 12, 2012


  1. lovely hometown, Malang. I used to visit this restaurant a lot when I was a kid, to eat ice cream :p

    1. Ohh ternyata orang Malang ya DebbZie..iya saya juga suka banget kota Malang. Btw, I like your blog a lot :)

    2. Mba ini resto sedia yg ngga halal yaaa....brarti belom aman kalo makan disini ya mba.kalao kukis dan snack nya gmn?