Mapanget Indah Restaurant

Our friends in Manado told us that up to now, Mapanget Indah Restaurant is the only choice to have lunch before our afternoon flight as it is located only 5 minutes from Manado's Airport. And that's why this resto is always full, though it has a huge dining area. We arrived at 1 pm, although we have ordered our food by phone, still we had to wait for the food about 40 minutes. It was a really hectic lunch time at Mapanget Indah Restaurant.

Finally our food came, our friends ordered fried and also grilled Ikan Mas, just like the one we had in RM Rajawali on the previous day. I preferred the fried Ikan Mas at RM Rajawali, but still the one we had at Mapanget Indah Restaurant was also really crunchy.

We also ordered fish in this yellow sauce (oh too bad I didn't write down the name) and also the fish soup. The fish soup we had in Wahaha was much better.

Overall I prefer to have lunch at the city, but being the only resto near the airport, it wasn't bad idea at all to have lunch at Mapanget Indah Restaurant. Just ensure you will not miss your flight just because you had to wait for the food.

written on October 8, 2012

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