A Short Visit to Ngong Ping

On our last day in Hongkong, we decided to try the cable car which connects Lantau Island and Ngong Ping. Actually it was not in our itinerary, because we thought we would have done it enough in Ocean Park. But having seen the cable car from our hotel room in Novotel Citygate the whole morning, we changed our mind and walked to the Cable Car Terminal, which located just meters away from Tung Chung bus terminus.

It was still early in the morning (about 9.30 am), so we didn't have to queue for the tickets, and only had to wait minutes to get on the cable car. We purchased a mixed ticket of standard cabin and also a crystal cabin, for the sake of the experience:p The information of the ticket price could be read here. If you bought a mixed ticket just like ours, please bear in mind that you should read what is written on the ticket, whether you get a crystal cabin to go to Ngong Ping or on your way back.

Compared to the one in Ocean Park, the cable car journey was so long and made us a little bit bored! Maybe because it was a foggy morning, so we didn't get a very amazing view due to the fog.

For me, the most incredible view from the cable car is seeing people on the track all the way up to Ngong Ping village. Way to go people! *I wonder if I  go to HK again with Rene, will we put this in our itinerary?:p

Arriving at the Ngong Ping village, kiddos#1 request to have an ice cream, in a very cold morning! So we sat down at the place full of restaurants, and hey we could find a Starbucks coffee at the village:)

Rene went closer to the Buddha statue to take pictures. We didn't go all the way up to Buddha Statue, kiddos were keep on asking to go back to the souvenir shop for their toys. Aarghhh.. So after a cup of ice cream, we went back to Tung Chung. Bye bye Ngong Ping.. By the way can you see the aura of the Buddha Statue in the below picture?

After buying kiddos toys at the souvenir shops (they finally bought a miniature of MTR for HKD 38 each), we walked to the cable car station located just beside the souvenirs shop. And this time we got into the crystal cabin. Yeay..

At the crystal cabin, we sat happily seeing all the things underneath. At first kiddos were afraid, but after 5 minutes they enjoyed the ride very much. They event sat on the floor playing their toys! OMG. If I had to do it all over again, I would have bought the crystal cabin return tickets instead. It's so much fun :)

There's another souvenir shop before we exit the cable car station where we could buy photos of our family. But they sold the picture too expensive (HKD 500 including the snowball of our family), so we just passed the photo counter. We saw a very long queue when we exit Tung Chung cable car station (it was about 11.30 am). Well it was a Sunday morning, the last Sunday of the school Chinese new years holiday.

So if you ask me whether you should put this cable car experience in your itinerary to Hongkong? I would answer yes if your budget allows you. Otherwise you should choose whether to take the cable car experience in Ngong Ping or in the Ocean Park.

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