Grand Whiz Kuta Bali

Actually we don't really like staying at Kuta, but as we only had two days in Bali, we needed to stay as close as possible with the airport. We found this hotel, Grand Whiz Kuta Bali, a new hotel with a great swimming pool.  

The room is really nice and modern, having a balcony overlooking the pool. The room is spacious enough even if you're taking kiddos. We booked this room through hoterip, we utilized our point when we opened the hoterip account at one of the travel exhibitions held in Jakarta. After the USD 20 discount, we only paid IDR 480,000 for our room (without breakfast).

The hotel lobby is small and narrow, but who need a fancy lobby anyway as long as it offers free wifi:p

The hotel is located on the busy road of Kartika Plaza, not far from Hotel Santika. It's 10 minutes walk to the Discovery Mall. Though not located close to the beach, I still recommend this hotel.

written on March 21, 2013 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Dear Tesya,
    kelihatannya hotelnya nyaman. kira2 bisa utk 2 dewasa 2anak2 nggak? cukup satu bed apa mesti pesan extra bed? anakku 5 dan 11 thn soalnya. Pengalamanmu gimana? trims :) ~ The Emak

    1. Hai Mba Ade, aku waktu kesana ama suami aja berdua. Tapi aku perkirakan cukup untuk aku ber-4 dengan kiddos (3 & 5 yo). Dan kalo aku liat Big A kan kurus ya (termasuk The Emak donks), berarti cukuplah ber 4 Mba.