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One thing I learned from taking kiddos to Disneyland: instead of meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse, they preferred meeting Buzz, Woody and other Toy Story Characters! So this Hongkong with kiddos trip was inspired after I read the news that Hongkong Disneyland had opened the Toy Story Land in Nov 2011.

We spent three hours in Toy Story Land! That's why we'd like to make a special post on it. We entered Toy Story Land area after the 1 pm Disney Parade. Toy Story Land located behind the Disney's castle, that's why it is closed 1,5 hours to the Disney Fireworks, for the show preparation. First kiddos met this woody statue just meters away from Andy's Toy Box.

At Andy's Toy Box, we found many toys of Toy Story's Characters. We have been looking for Rex, the green giant dinosaur in many toy shops. Finally we found it here at Andy's Toy Box:) 

After buying some toys, we approached the rides available in Toy Story Land. First we saw the RC Racer, a steel shuttle roller coaster, which was too scary for our kiddos. Kiddos requested to ride the Slinky Dog Zig Zag Spin, and they agreed to wait in the queue.  As we visited Hongkong Disneyland in the school holiday period in China (Chinese New Years holiday) we had to wait 45 minutes for each of the ride! Phew..    

Afterwards we went to Toy Soldier Parachute Drop, where we had to queue for another 40 minutes. To our surprise, kiddos didn't complaint at all that they had to wait so long before the ride. Compared to the Slinky Dog, this parachute ride was more challenging, but it was fun as we could see the sight of Disneyland from the top.

Before going to see the Disney Parade at 4pm (yes we saw the parade two times because kiddos would like to meet Buzz over and over again!), there's  queue to take picture with Jessie. Wow! Kiddos ran to join the queue, and they had fantastic opportunity to take picture with their fave character Jessie. Kiddos#1 had just bought Jessie at Andy's Toy Box, he showed it to the "real Jessie" proudly.

The Toys Story Land was definitely the highlight of our visit to Hongkong Disneyland:)

Here's some picture of the Toys Story Characters in the Disney Parade:

written on March 9, 2013 by @tesyasblog

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  1. huwaaaaaaa :(
    i really want to go to Hongkong, especially Disneyland.
    Maybe because it's the nearest Disneyland from Indonesia.
    Some people said that Disneyland Hongkong is the smallest Disneyland in the world,

    whatever, as long as I can meet my favorite disney character I would go :)

    Seru banget yahh main di Toy Story Land nya

    1. Hai Meidi, semoga keinginan nya cepat terlaksana ya dan bisa main-main di Disneyland :) Iya emang seru banget di Toys Story Land, especially karena kiddos lagi suka nya sama Toy Story Characters hehehe

  2. mba dapat hrg tiket AA ke hongkong brp mba? jd kepengen bw anak2 ke hongkong deh.. bisa minta itinnya gak via email mbak? tq

    1. Hai Yuni, aku dulu dpt promo garuda indonesia ke hongkong per orangnya usd 280 nett. Silahkan email aku ya utk itin nya ke

  3. Hai mbak.. Anakku keranjingan bgt sm toy story.. Mainannya toy story semua, tiap weekend pasti agendanya nonton toy story.. Kayaknya bakal seneng banget kalo ke toy story land. Mau tanya wahana2 di toy story land buat anak usia brp tahun? Anakku skrg 2.5 thn, takutny klo ksana msh kekecilan buat enjoy toy story land. Makasih :)

    1. Hai Wichi, mainan yang bisa dimainin untuk usia 2,5 taun mungkin cuma "slinky dog spinner", yang lain sih buat anak yg udah agak besar. Tapi anakmu pasti tetep akan suka disini. Foto bareng ama Toy Story Characters dan liat parade dengan tokoh utama Buzz Lightyear! Hehe...