Visiting Cheung Chau Island Hongkong

Advised by our friend who is currently living in Hongkong named Deasy, we visited Cheung Chau Island, a gorgeous small island, one hour away from Hongkong. We have been to Macau before, and we thought Macau was not the right place to be visited with our kiddos. So we were looking for a place which is free and kids friendly, and the recommendation to visit Cheung Chau was all we need. Thanks a lot Deasy!

We took an ordinary ferry from Pier 5 of Central Ferry Pier. It is recommended to take the fast ferry as the seats are more comfortable. But the only ferry available was the ordinary one, we purchased deluxe tickets (HKD 19,7 for adults, and HKD 9,9 for child), and this was all we got: a dining area which made our kiddos#2 asked "Are we going to eat here?":p

on the deluxe area of the ordinary ferry
Arriving at Cheung Chau, we went directly to the Tung Wan beach. We followed the sign heading to the beach, and we had to pass a lane with many shops around. There is also a bed and breakfast hostel, no wonder we saw many people taking their luggage from Hongkong Island to Cheung Chau. A tiny ambulance passed this narrow lane full of people, probably it was the smallest ambulance that I've ever seen.

To explore the island, we could rent a bicycle and also a trishaw. Being there exactly on the Valentine's day, we were amazed to see how this couple riding this trishaw! 

Tung Wan beach is a beautiful and a very clean beach, just perfect for our kiddos. They enjoyed their time playing on the beach so much.

It was cloudy when we got there, but after a while the cloud went away, making this beach looks even more beautiful. This was one of the place where I didn't see many people in Hongkong.

As the background of the beach, we could see all those colorful apartments, lovely!

Kiddos agreed to end their playing on the beach session and continued by visiting the playground. There's a huge playground not far from the beach. This place is so kids friendly:)

On our way back to the Pier, we saw many people eating fried potato and frozen fruits in a very long stick. We went to join the queue to get them both, and afterwards we had to add spice powders on the top of our potato. I added seaweed and cheese powder. The potato was crunchy and taste delicious.

We went back to Hongkong island by the fast ferry, cost HKD 24,60 for adult and HKD 12,30 for child. The fast ferry only need 45 minutes to take us from Cheung Chau to Hongkong, the ferry is the same as the ferry from Hongkong to Macau.

It was a great experience taking kiddos to play on the beach at Cheung Chau island. Of course this activity is much better than taking kiddos to ladies market right?:p If you are looking something new to do in your Hongkong itinerary, visiting Cheung Chau Island is highly recommended.

written on March 7, 2013 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Aduh, saya tambah kangen baca postingan ini mbak. Beberapa kali pas libur ke sini, pantai tempat saya melarikan keresahan hati eaa hahahaha

    1. Heheheh eaaa banget Mba. Iya kalau sama anak-anak sebetulnya aku lebih suka tempat sepi kaya gini :)