Snorkeling at Rubiah Island - Iboih

I must say that so far Rubiah Island at Iboih, is the best snorkeling spot that we have ever been to. It was only 5-10 minutes away by boat from Iboih, and has a magnificent underwater world.

We arrived at Iboih around 11 am on Friday, using our rented Honda Spacy. No one swam on the beach when we came, as it is forbidden until 2 pm to respect Moslem Friday prayer. 

this gate welcomes us at Iboih

While waiting for the Friday prayer time, we went to Iboih Inn and stayed at their restaurant. It was a 15 minutes walk from the parking place to Iboih Inn. We had to walk into a forest, passing hilly path before reaching Iboih Inn.

boat provided by Iboih Inn

Well, actually Iboih Inn provides a boat to transfer and pick up their guests only on their arrival & check out (to take the luggage). So everytime you wish to leave the hotel and go somewhere else, you have to walk quiet far. Due to this access, I think Iboih Inn is not that suitable for our family. Maybe later, when our kiddos are getting older. By the way we met Ibu Lisa, owner of Iboih Inn, a very friendly lady.

crystal clear water

Sitting on their restaurant, we enjoyed the incredible view. You can jump to swim or snorkel in a quiet blue ocean. The water was crystal clear that we could see fish, squid up from the restaurant. Aaah so lovely!

look, those boys are snorkeling

After the Friday prayer we walked to the beach to rent a boat. We met @nia_tjokro and her cousin at Iboih Inn, ended up we shared one boat with 3 other people. So for me and Rene, we only paid IDR 50,000 for the return boat trip. 

the beach at Iboih, overlooking Rubiah Island

It was really easy getting to Rubiah Island from Iboih by ourselves. People are very friendly at Iboih, so don't worry they will help you out. 

the beach at Iboih, seen from the walking path inside the forest

We began our snorkeling session at around 2.30 pm. It was so beautiful under the water, that I didn't realize I was far away already from the beach. I was in between, either swimming back to Rubiah or continue swimming to Iboih. I decided to go back to Rubiah with some people who were also stranded to the middle of the sea! What an experience, and glad I could reach Rubiah Island with all of the energy that left behind. 

I was there... somewhere in the middle of the sea..

I was tired and hungry when I arrived at Rubiah Island again, so we went to the cafes located along the beach. We saw some new wooden cafe are in construction, I hope that this place will stay clean despite the development of Rubiah by local people.

After a short break, we continued our snorkeling session again. And we only stopped approaching sunset.

Rubiah Island is awesome!
our kiddos would love swimming with all the fishes

How much it was snorkeling at Rubiah Island? In total for two person, we only paid the boat IDR 50,000 (as mentioned above) and also the snorkeling gear+life vest IDR 80,000. It was so cheap and what I saw was this incredible underwater world. 

You must put Rubiah Island and Iboih in your top list when you visit Weh Island. I am sure you will love to come back to Iboih once you have visited this place. And while I ended writing this post, I suddenly miss this place badly.

written on July 23, 2013

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  1. Pengen ke sini kak Tesyaaa....plan ke Sumatera gagal terua..:-(

    1. Wah kenapa bisa gagal Kak Indra...ayo aku doain segera HM kesini ya..amiin..

  2. aaaaqh teh paling om depan dermaga rubiah ang..banyak nemonya hehehe

    1. Ogiii apa artinyaaaaa...hahaha... Banyak nemo di depan dermaga rubiah?:p

  3. emang kudu 3 bulan keliling Sumatera kali ya, masih minus banget deh ama Sumatera :)

    1. Hahaha iya Kak Feb dan sebulannya di Aceh kali ya :)

  4. parah ya typo gw kalo pake tauchscreen :(
    maksudnya : di depan rubiah ang paling top,banyak ikan nemonya...maaf ya jempol gw kegedean hehe

  5. Anjritttt ... bagus banget, suka ama foto yg pertama ikan yg buanyak itu :)

  6. Hi..saya Dari Malaysia..says planning untuk ke pulau weh tanggal 14 august - 18 august. Is the weather OK during that time?

    1. Hai Suhaili, saya saat ini tinggal di Jakarta dan masih sering hujan these days. Saya tidak tahu pasti di Weh bagaimana, I would suggest you to ask your hotel. Kalau disana sering hujan, pulang ke Banda Aceh satu hari sebelum flight aja, takutnya kalau cuaca buruk tidak ada ferry yang berangkat ke Banda Aceh and you will miss your flight.. Have fun di Weh ya:)

  7. Baru dr sana..kecewa dg karangnya enggak bagus lg :(

    1. Wah aku sih suka banget Kak Iboih. Mmm mungkin karena belum ke Tanjung Bira ya Kak hehe..Seru baca blog nya tentang Tanjung Bira:)