Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel Bangkok Review

I was intended to stay around Pratunam market on our mommies dayout trip to Bangkok. So I started to search in hotels booking engine, hotel that suit my need. I stumbled upon one hotel called Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel Bangkok, my main reason was because of the room. It has two queen beds inside the room, which was perfect for us.

Furthermore on its website I saw the "Moom Sabai", a place to chill out, where you could also have a dip and take a sunbath while enjoying fresh juice from the bar.

The highlight of the hotle is the "Moom Sabai"

We booked their superior family room through Agoda for IDR 2,000,000 per-night (inclusive of tax, room only). The room is suitable for 2 adults and 2 children. Although not that big, but it was very modern and lovely, with all the whitty stuff inside.

Small, but a lovely room

In the morning before the shopping itinerary, I enjoyed Centara's fitness center. I experienced "a very annoying" thing by the hotel staff at the fitness center. While I was doing my treadmill, one staff came (he was the guest greeter) and looked at my shoes without saying anything. Gosh! Then another staff came (the lady receptionist), both looking at my shoes! And I told them, "What's wrong? It's a sport shoe!" They both spoke in Thai, then left the room. Oh my God, what an attitude!

A cool fitness center, too bad the staff were rude

I finished my fitness session and went to Moom Sabai because the princesses would like to take a dip. So here you go girrrls :))

A great spot to relax at the hotel

The lobby located at the 9th floor, it is a spacious and a very nice lobby. The restaurant which serves breakfast located also on the 9th floor, and it was always super crowded in the morning.

The reception at night
What a cool lamp!
The hotel is located at the back of a building called Watergate Pavillion, so it might be hard for you to locate the hotel at the first time. The entrance and exit for our van was through a small lane just beside the building.

Level 1-8 is a shopping mall
The exit

From the hotel, we could walk to Pratunam Market, and also Platinum Fashion Mall, which is adjacent to Novotel Hotel.

Pratunam Market is at the back of Indra Regent Hotel (the tall and white building)
Platunum Fashion Mall is in a walking distance

At night, we enjoyed dinner at their rooftop restaurant called Chilihip located on the 20th floor of the hotel. It was an awesome place!

The view from the restaurant
We-fie at the rooftop
Spaghetti with Thai sauce. Yummy!

Despite what I have been through at the fitness center, I enjoyed our stay at Centara Watergate Pavillion Bangkok. A perfect hotel for a family holiday in Bangkok.

written on April 23, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Dinner @ rooftop ...kayanya asyik banget..
    Hopefully i have enough budget to stay there hihihi.....

    1. Amin Mbak Muna. Ayo kita realisasikan lah ya mommies day out trip selanjunya?:D

  2. S7ka dech kolam renang nya, bisa buatleyeh2 cakep. dan kamar nya juga lumayan yee gede kasur nya jd muat ber 4 hahaha

    1. Iya bener banget muat ber 4 *kode
      Tapi itu bukan kolam renang Kak, dangkal banget. Cuman boleh sih nyemplung bentar dan kemudian duduk2 cantik:D

    2. kena biaya tambahan nggak mbak kalau di muatin ber 4 gitu, agak agak worried, di negara orang taunya di suruh kena biaya tambahan hehehe

    3. Hehe waktu itu sih enggak kena Kak..

  3. mba, emangnya kamu pake sepatu model gimana toh? tp iya sih, nyebelin bgt staff hotelnya.. ga sopan bener -__- .. sayang pdhl hotelnya keren bgini... serba putih ya kamarnya, yg bikin aku rada kuatir numpahin sesuatu kalo serba putih gitu ;p

    tp tempat leyeh2nya ajiiib bgt kliatan ^o^

    1. Hahaha, sepatu trekking ungu nge-jreng keluaran Reebok. Karena keterbatasan bahasa Inggris, makanya mereka milih bisik-bisik tetangga gitu deh Fan. Hadeh.

      Overall, recommended Fan :)

  4. sama euy gw juga penasaran sepatunya emang kayak gimana sih? pada kamseupay aja tuh staff hotelnya ngga tau Reebok kalik...hahaha ikutan sewot.

    Btw tempat leyehannya menarik bingiitt...

    Just posted: Pengalaman Menginap di Hotel Kapsul di Jepang | The Traveling Cows

    1. Hahaha Kak Vari, baeklah tar gw fotoin dan upload di tulisan ini ya:D