Belitung On Budget: 2 Days 1 Night For IDR 550,000

It started when I and my friends had lunch at Yoshinoya located near our office. Out of nowhere, my friends talked about celebrating one year anniversary of our Singapore trip. Of course, the next question was: "When and where will our next weekend getaway be?"

Belitung came across our discussion, and everyone agreed that Belitung will be our next destination! During our lunch, we checked the airline ticket on any weekend in February 2016. A return ticket was IDR 750,000 per person at the end of February. Not bad at all! Especially for me, I redeem my Garuda Miles, so I only paid Citilink ticket Jakarta-Belitung for IDR 350,000 and tax+surcharge on my Garuda Belitung-Jakarta ticket for IDR 130,000.

Our 2 days 1 night in Belitung cost IDR 550,000 per person. It includes: van hire for two days, boat hire, snorkeling gears, lunch at Pulau Kepayang, tips for driver, tips for the boatman and a one night bed and breakfast. The more the merrier, and of course cheaper! Our group consist of 12 person, and we shared most of our expenses.

One and a half month after our lunch at Yoshinoya, we were in Belitung :)

Arrival at Belitung H.A.S Hanandjoeddin Airport

Our Citilink arrived on time at the airport. We were divided by two groups; the first team who arrived were the Citilink team, while the Garuda team arrived one hour later.

Pak Rohim welcomed us at the airport, and he said how lucky we were because the weather was good. It had been rained the last two days in Belitung.

Thank you Citilink for the low fare ticket

We waited in our van, and ate Nasi Uduk prepared by Pak Rohim for our breakfast. It inlcuded in the total cost we paid to Pak Rohim. It was really delicious! If you are taking tour from Pak Rohim, make sure you order the Nasi Uduk.

Getting Ready at Tanjung Kelayang

With the van, we were transferred from Belitung's airport to Tanjung Kelayang. It's the port where all the boats started for the island hopping activities in Belitung. 

We were requested to change our clothes at a super tiny emergency toilet (with no roof). "So the toilet is only like this?" Ginie, my friend asked. It was my third visit, and I didn't see any improvement in the term of the toilet (:

Waiting for our boat called "Kapal Kita" we took pictures of the group at Tanjung Kelayang. Pak Rohim is the one with the cowboy hat:D

Waiting for our boat in front of the warung
Rezha and Pamela, they had joined our Singapore Trip, Tanjung Puting trip, and now the Belitung trip :)
Getting into our boats, it was spacious enough for our group

And we were ready for our first island: the Lengkuas Island. I had a plan to go up all the way to the lighthouse. On the previous visits, I always choose to swim at Lengkuas Island with our Kiddos. Maybe it was about the time to go up.

Going Up to The Lighthouse In Lengkuas Island

Lengkuas island, seen from our boat

"We'll stop here for an hour, and we will be meeting in our boat" Pak Rohim made an announcement before we reached Lengkuas Island. Our group went directly to the lighthouse. We had to pay IDR 5,000 per person and to clean our foot and legs with a spons. I reapet, with a spons!

I didn't succeed to clean up my foot on the first attempt. "Please clean your foot once again" said the security to me. Everyone else from my team passed the inspection! Oh my... So I took the spons once again, and cleaned my foot once again. I succeeded passing the foot inspection on the second try, finally.

Then we began to take the stairs, stopped a while to take turn with other people going down from the lighthouse. And after counting the floors, we made it to the 19th floor.

Yeay, we were almost there!

It was packed up in the lighthouse, we had to squeeze to take picture. We thank God for the sunshine, the view is amazing, especially when you know it was your reward after going up to the 19th floor:D

The beauty of our Belitung island

When you're lucky enough, you could have this lighthouse and the view only for yourself:D

I hope you enjoyed the view, Ginie!

One thing that bothered me so much when I was upstairs was the stairs that we had to take all the way down from the lighthouse. Hahaha! But life goes on you know, and there are things you have just to pass through, including the stairs going down from the lighthouse.

Donny and myself still on the 16th floor

And to remind ourselves that we had gone all the way to the top of the lighthouse, taking a group picture in front of it is a must. It was for sure a day to remember, well at least for me. It was my first time ever going up to the lighthouse in my whole life.

Why mr.husband and Mario were already in style while everyone else were arranging the position?:D

Snorkeling at Lengkuas Island

Finally something I was looking for, the snorkeling time! Our boat parked with other boats just few meters away from Lengkuas Island. The water was crystal clear, we could spot many fishes and corals. Really beautiful.

One tip from me, make sure you take a picture with the lighthouse as the background while you're snorkeling. It's really mainstream though, but you can tell everyone that you're really snorkeling in Belitung Island:D

We succeedeed taking pictures with the lighthouse

Lunch at Pulau Kepayang

We ordered lunch to Pak Rohim, IDR 80,000 per person plus IDR 20,000 as the ticket to get our table at Pulau Kepayang. This should be booked in advance, otherwise you will not get a table because during weekend it is always packed.

There's also a bar where you could order additional drink (tea and coffee is provided for free). If you want to add soft drink or coconut (IDR 20,000) to accompany your lunch, make sure you bring some money before leaving your boat.

Our hungry faces after snorkeling, it was almost 1 pm.

Seafood was our lunch, from squid, grilled fish until a kind of crab that we called "rajungan". Oooh, happy tummy!

Let's eat
The "rajungan" or knows as the swimming crab

After having our lunch, I said to my friends, "Let's take a dip!" We went to the beach and took a dip for a while, it was really refreshing, especially in the middle of a sunny day.

Tanning at Pulau Kepayang, it was 2 pm

A Visit to Laskar Pelangi Beach

After our island hopping, we stopped a while at Tanjung Tinggi Beach, or also known as Laskar Pelangi Beach. The area has been renovated, we could not park near the beach just like our previous visit. Instead, we park near the big rocks which made this beach is famous for.

Our group picture at Tanjung Tinngi Beach

We went inside to an area guarded by one person, where we had to pay a small amount of money. We only paid IDR 40,000 for the whole group. First we passed through a narrow line, then we found a great spot with amazing view. You may take your pictures with any kind of style, just like what my friends did.

Amazing view from this spot
Mario, the superman
You jump, I jump

Before leaving the beach, we took a mainstream picture with the signage.

Our Budget Hotel in Belitung

We stayed at a budget hotel called Lux Melati. A standard spacious room cost only IDR 300,000 (including breakfast), no wonder this hotel has a good rating at booking[dot]com. 

It is also located near the city center, a walking distance to some restaurants in town: Dapur Sakato and Kong Djie, the most famous coffee shop in town. One more thing, hot water is provided for shower. 

My friend Rezha said that ATM BCA sign is bigger
than the hotel's sign hahaha..
The lobby of Lux Melati

If you are looking for a hotel with a great pool for your kids, you can stay at BW Suites (or previously known as Aston Belitung).

Read our post: Review of Aston Hotel (BW Suites) Belitung

Dinner in Belitung

We went to two places that night: Pempek Mama Rio and a restaurant at the city center to try the famous Sop Gangan. We had to pay IDR 100,000 per person for our dinner at both places.

Too bad, Mie Atep was already closed that night. Otherwise, it will be our third dinner:D

Rad our post: Mie Atep Belitung

Pempek Mama Rio 
Sop Gangan

Time To Go Home

The next morning, I flew back to Jakarta with Garuda Indonesia's first flight from Tanjung Pandan. My friends continued exploring Belitung Timur and took the afternoon flight with NAM Air. 

Thank you guys for the lovely weekend getaway, let's do it again next year :) 

Thank you Pak Rohim who made this budget trip possible. If you wish to visit Belitung, I recommend you to contact Pak Rohim : 081929680973 or 081278053285.  Tell him, Tesya sent you.

My friends at SD Laskar Pelangi, Belitung Timur
Rezha at Kaolin lake, it was my third visit to Belitung and I haven't visited this place..

written on March 08, 2016 by @tesyasblog


  1. bok, kalo diitung2 ngga gopekan juga kali yeh itu belum termasuk makan endebray endebray

    1. Iya Vari, RP 550,000 yang masing2 peserta setor ke bendahara dari trip ini.

      - Tiket pesawat, mine was only IDR 500,000 pp.
      - Makan malam IDR 100,000

  2. sebenernya belitung itu ini2 aja ya objeknya...tambah museum kata andrea deh.. akupun pas outing kntor thn lalu kesitu2 juga mbak... sayangnya mercusuar ga bs dimasukin krn pas aku dtg lg renov.. kalo seandainya aku ksana lg sih, lbh tertarik utk kulineran drpd wisatanya ;p

    1. Iya Fan, itu-itu aja, tapi sebagai pecinta laut dan pantai, ya aku mah ga pernah bosen:D Wiskulnya skrg makin banyak pilihan. Asyik,deh.

  3. Lengkuas selalu jadi daya tarik,Suka banget liat pantai2 di belitung.. batu2 nya itu loh. eksotis!

    1. Iya betul, udah berapa kali ke sana juga enggak pernah bosan hehe..

  4. mba tesya, kalo ada open trip lagi, boleh join kah? hehe.
    sepertinya tripnya selalu seruuuuu :D

    1. Boleh donk Mba, mau trip kemana nih?

  5. kemana aja boleeeeh. hihi. asal jgn yg mommy days out yaa. ntar anak gadis nggak nyambung ngobrol sama ibu2 =P
    update infonya dimana sih? hehe

    1. Eits jangan salah, mommies nya juga mahmud kok hahaha..
      Haduh iya iya, 2016 itu impianku salah satunya adalah buat trip untuk umum. Cuman aku kurang PD, emangnya ada yang mau ikutan ya? Hahaha... Kalau beneran ada, aku buat postingan terkait undangannya yah. Stay tune:)

  6. hi saya mau bertanya untuk penukaran poin garuda miles ke belitung ini berapa point ya di perlukan ya?

    1. Hai Kak, kalau untuk Jakarta Belitung one way, 4.000 point. Paling sedikit dibandingkan penukaran point Garuda Miles dari Jakarta ke kota lain.

  7. Mba Tesya.
    Lanjutkan cita2 mu bikin open trip 2016..akoo ikuuuutaan..

  8. Omg.. You really like to do 2days trip!! Its tiring you know..

    But actually, i like to do it to! :D

    1. How I wish you read how I did a one day trip to Hong Kong hahahah...
      Yah gitu deh Mas, namanya juga #fakircuti Jadi wiken digunakanlah seoptimal mungkin, ya kan?

  9. ahh belitung keceh nya 😍

    1. Iya Mas, kece banget..

    2. Mba tesya..klo buka open trip mdo ikuuuut dong..pengen ngrasain trip brg temen2 baru :)

    3. Ayo Mba, email aku aja ya

  10. hi kak Tesya, do you still have the contact number of Pak Rohim (the tour guide) you mentioned above?