Tekodeko Koffiehuis Semarang

I love to visit beautiful cafes, to enjoy the interior of it while sipping a cup of coffee or matcha. That's why I asked my friend at Semarang's office, "What's new cafe to visit in Semarang?" Then my friend recommended Tekodeko Koffiehuis Semarang.

On the first day we arrived in Semarang, I saw Tekodeko Koffiehuis just few meters away from Semarang Tawang Train Station. It is located at the old town of Semarang, on one of the preserved building. 

We visited Tekodeko Koffiehuis on our second day, when it was too hot to play outside. We enjoyed the cool air conditioner inside the cafe, the old building and our snacking time.

Good place to hang out indeed

Time to order from their menu which is made from recycle paper. The price of the drink and food at Tekodeko Koffiehuis were slightly cheaper compared to the cafe in Jakarta and Bandung.

The menu book

We ordered called drinks for me and our Kiddos. My Iced Matcha Latte cost IDR 28,000 and our Kiddos' Oreo Bland was at the same price.

Iced Matcha Latte
Oreo Blend

Kiddos#1 ordered Baked Potato Bolognese for IDR 25,000 and Kiddos#2 ordered Special Bucket which consist of potato wedges and sausages.

The Baked Potato

Mr.husband ordered Kalosi Toraja which cost IDR 25,000. As a coffee lover, he watched how the coffee was brewed. And few days later when we were back home, he did an online shopping for coffee making stuffs, just what I saw in Tekodeko Koffiehuis:p

Coffee brewing with V60
Finally it was on our table

We sat on the first floor just opposite of where the barista prepared the drink. I think it was the best spot at Tekodeko Koffiehuis.

Love the old and high ceiling
A simple yet beautiful cafe

The most favorite photo spot was of course the picture of the teapots on the wall. It is located in the front area, overlooking the street of the old town of Semarang.

The "instagramable" spot
Antique chairs
The view to the street

Tekodeko Koffiehuis has a smoking area located on the second floor. It was really hot when we were there, but it will be a lovely place to sit at a late afternoon.

The terrace on the second floor

Tekodeko Koffiehuis is a really nice cafe to visit in Semarang, we would love to come back.

Colorful teapots on the wall

written on April 6, 2016 by @tesyasblog

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  1. asik bgt tempatnya mba...

    1. Iya Mbak, kalau ke Semarang mampir deh.

  2. sayang ya cuaca di Indonesia susah mendukung buat duduk2 di luar, looks a cozy terrace though...

    1. Iya Kak Feb, panas banget (:
      Mustinya datany sore menjelang sunset sih, biar bisa di terasnya.

  3. haduh haduhh... itu tekonya yg warna warni bikin gemes bgt mbaaak ^o^.. suka liatnya...

    unik ya tempatnya, vintage gitu.. aku juga pasti betah lama2 duduk di sana.. ga mesen kopi pastinya :D.. iced matcha latte kyknya enak tuh..

    foto2nya keren mbak.. boleh tau ga kamu pake kamera apa :)?

    1. Aduh aku ini lagi koleksi teapot, jadi kebayang kan sukanya pas masuk Tekodeko dan liat teapot warna warni? Hahaha..

      Makasih Fan, foto yang agak cembung2 itu pake Go Pro. Kalau yg warnanya tajem pake Sony RX100, pocket camera aja Fan.

  4. Padahal aku berangan2 pengen ngajakin mbak tesya ngopi disini lho..serius deh :(

    1. Iya waktu aku disini dan WA mba Muna itu, panas banget, aku ga tega kalo minta datang hehe..

      Gpp Mba nanti kita ketemu di cafe yang lain :)